Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Recipe Testing at its BEST!

Last week I was asked to help participate and give feedback for Meal Makeover Moms' Kitchen's newest cookbook and of course I accepted, I just LOVE their website! We had to take pictures along the way, and I had my little helper, Jacob right there with me the entire time and I don't think he's ever had this much fun! When my husband walked in the door that evening, Jacob ran to him and said, "Daddy I cooked you dinner all by myself!"
PRECIOUS, right?!
Gotta be the best picture of the evening!!
he was smelling the food like he was a famous chef! He is MY famous chef!!

and here's our (well, Jacob's) finished product!
The recipe is super secret since it will possibly debut in their cookbook, but I can say that this recipe was a HUGE family hit! Seriously, my husband is very picky and some of my healthy creations have been pretty, umm BAD, but this one is NOT one of them! It's AMAZING! We ate it for dinner, then had it again the next day for lunch and I plan on going to the store this week to make it again in the VERY near future! Delicious, healthy and SUPER easy...oh and Jacob and Justin ate it too! Now that's a good recipe, right?!
Happy Cooking : )

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