Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a year full of happiness, laughter and LOVE!

Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas 2010

Well, as you can see I took TONS of pictures to capture the memories of Christmas 2010 for our family! These are some of the highlights of our past few days...being surrounded by friends and family is what we love most! As you can see, I'm still playing with all of the settings on this new camera, hopefully I can practice and start taking some great pictures that will last a lifetime!

All of the cousins exchanged gifts last night! We have a HUGE Italian side of our family on my mom's side and we've made it a tradition each year to exchange gifts between all of the kiddos and play all day :)

Jacob's Four-Wheeler that he talked about every day for the past year...Thanks Santa (and Aunt Paulette) for making this happen!!
Check out those John Deere boots too-compliments of MeMe and he hasn't taken them off since he opened them Christmas Eve, he has the blisters to prove it! Ha!

My husband's Dad, the boys call him "Pop", was SO happy that we made him this Hook 'Em Horns blanket to go with his collection!!

My husbands Dad, Justin, my husband, Jacob and Gran, we're so happy that she spent Christmas with us this year!

My dad was able to come and visit Christmas Day to see the boys and brings lots of gifts too! A lot of people say my dad and Jacob look a lot alike, what do you think??!

Hope you all had a VERY, Merry's looking forward to 2011!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thank you, Santa!

I am ALL about giving rather than receiving...HOWEVER, I was beyond thrilled when I saw that Santa decided to leave me the one thing that has been on my wish list FOREVER...these pictures are compliments of my new SLR, Nikon D3100 camera! woohooo!
Thank you, Santa!!!-(and my mom and husband too!)
AND as you can see, these boys were spoiled ROTTEN this year! The best part of this Christmas was being around family throughout the week and into the weekend. This Christmas has been hard, being the first one without my Grandmother, but she was with us...I felt it. I wore her sweater and used some of her dishes...she was there!
...more pictures soon and hope YOU all had a very Merry Christmas,
filled with love and memories that will last a lifetime :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

party continued...

We started the party off by decorating the bags for their cookie creations, then it was time to decorate the COOKIES...
this ended up being a HUGE mess but it was totally worth it because they LOVED it!


Let's open the ornaments NOW!

My mom and I, thought we may not look alike, she is THE best mother, that a daughter could ask for!
And my wonderful husband and I posing in front of the fireplace!
My mother in law goes WILD with Christmas decorations...tons of trees, garland, candles, SANTA's galore and much, much more! I'll try and snap some pics on
Christmas day to tribute all of her hard work for the holidays!
That's why we thought a fun, family tradition is just what her house needed
and hopefully we'll be having this party for years to come :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Children's Ornament Exchange SNEAK PEAK!

My sister in law, Michelle and I decided to start a tradition of a Children's Ornament Exchange...
here's a sneak peak at some of the FUN!!

My mother in law decorates the house SOOO beautifully for Christmas, a perfect setting for a FUN party! The kids had such a good time decorating bags, cookies and opening their ornaments! We are SO beyond blessed with the love of family and friends, we are all SO very close and it means more to us than you'll ever know!

MUCH more pictures to come...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hmm...I'd like some new luggage

This time of year, we all enjoy spending time with the people that we love, and with that comes traveling...don't know about you, but our family is in desperate need of some new luggage to make our season bright! I've had my eye on this Delsey luggage for a while now...and CSN stores offer such a wide variety, we're all sure to find something that works for us!
Happy Shopping :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"My Buddy, Luke!"

Jacob and Luke are three weeks apart in age, and since the day we introduced them in 2006, they have been buddies ever since!

Jacob talks about friends at school and cousins that he loves SO much, but no matter what we're doing, he ALWAYS asks if his buddy, Luke is coming with us :)

His mom and I from the beginning, took these boys EVERYWHERE!

The park, museum, zoo, SeaWorld, Moody Gardens, The Woodlands, Galveston, The Polar Express in Palestine, Palm Beach, SpaceCenter Houston and MORE!

They even became big brothers around the same time!

and now that they've become such great buddies, we hope their friendship will last a lifetime!
We Love Ya, Luke!