Friday, November 29, 2013

Turkey wrap up!!

Thanksgiving was fabulous this year...
Started with a trip to Louisiana to see my Dad's family...SOOOOO many cousins and we all look alike ;) 

Then it was to Zoo Lights at our zoo to meet up with cousins and get into the Holiday spirit! 

Then my Move It Momma's had our first 5K race meet up! My ladies did awesome, couldn't be more proud! SO much fun 
I love our shirts, NEVER QUIT! Ya see my "head momma" on mine?! LOVE IT! 

Then it was time for cousin Aaron to pull my boys tooth!!! The front tooth that was barely hanging on ;) 

And then to pose in front of the family automobiles ;) we're so cheesy!!!! 
Justin wants THIS Excursion! 

And Mommy will take the Ferarri ;) 

Oh wait, maybe he likes it too?!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Wreck 'em!

It was college week at school so we talked A LOT about college! It was fun to share some thoughts with our boys and some great memories of our own college days ;) 
My Move It Momma's tees for boot camp! A huge hit!!!!! So proud to have these strong women in my life and on this journey with me!
Great friends!!! SO fun spending time with them and the kids-well they sure have fun too!!!!

13.1 race #3 COMPLETE!!!! This bridge run was TOUGH but we did not quit! 
Love that my man, best friend and sooooo much more was there with me! Love him more than life! And he's sooooo dang handsome! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Go Aggies!

Our first Rookie season has ended! Coach Eric has taught these kids SO much again this year...they were playing really well there toward the end! Already looking forward to Spring! 
Another trophy....
All of the goodies! 
Little brothers supporting big brothers! Justin wanted to wear his pants, socks, belt & cleats to practices and games this season...he's ready for his first season too! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Jake's 7th Birthday!!!!!

Happy 7th Birthday to our sweet Jake!
SEVEN already??!  I wanna cry just thinking about it...SEVEN???  Ugh, lump in my throat.

Just looking back on pictures from his 1st birthday brings tears to my eyes.  Where did the time go?  He's in 1st grade, so independent and now he's SEVEN.  Ugh.  Just can't believe how quickly it goes.  Seems like just yesterday he was eating his first birthday cake :(
 My sweet boy on the day of his 1st birthday.  He was so excited that he opened this TOY!  Those dimples :)  MELT MOMMY'S HEART!!!!

His request this year?  A birthday party with is buddies at the Kemah Boardwalk so instead of making parents deal with the chaos of Kemah on the weekends, we opted for a Thursday night, which for crowd control was AWESOME!  Free parking and the boys had the whole place to themselves :)

he honestly gets an iPad before ME???!  I love these boys beyond words...they are our life.  Brandon and I thank God for them each and every day!  We live our lives to the fullest because we want these boys to remember nothing but FUN as they grow up!  
This boy is hard headed...will NOT take no for an answer and will only do things on HIS terms.  This comes with school, sports, EVERYTHING!  He's hilarious at home and around his buddies but around new people?  Forget it!  He's going to be shy, flash ya those dimples and move on down the road :) 
 HILARIOUS...gets this from DADDY!  He's lost four teeth and three are loose.  He loves being with his friends.  He loves playing outside, going camping, has requested a boat for Christmas and wants to build boats, homes and who knows what else when he grows up.  He looks like Mommy but is his Daddy's twin when it comes to personality.  A Daddy's boy at heart, wants to be just like Brandon all day, every day.  He loves sports, especially the Texans!  The boys will get so fired up cheering for JJWatt and the other players every weekend, we're going to be sad when football season is over.  

 His friends arrived and the CHAOS began...
Kids were everywhere, thankfully they had the whole place to themselves!
Some issues we had before the party had started??
They thought we were coming on a different day so WERE NOT PREPARED for a party with 18 kids, siblings, parents, grandparents, etc!!!!  The pizzas were TINY so only ordering 6 for the parents and the siblings that came along...well that was a whole other issue so many pizzas were put on the fly!  LOL!
Talk about send this Momma into panic mode.

The kids loved the rides!  We had the kids staggering in so it made it easy to ride without kids being left out and so on.  I was able to snap some cute pics of these wild and crazy boys :)

 ARCADE TIME!!!  This is where we put the kiddos as the extra pizzas were being made :)  EEEK!  But good news is they weren't hungry due to so much playing, running, playing, running...

Happy Birthday time!  They enjoyed pizza, ate chocolate cake and giggled as silly kids do!

Then as if they hadn't had enough FUN for one night, they all ran to the playground in the freezing cold and played, and played and PLAYED!  Woohoo a successful 7th birthday party, Jake!

We love you more than LIFE!  Thank you for blessing our lives each and every day.  Thanks for being your cute, unique self and never taking NO for an answer.  LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK and I hope you know all that we for you and your brother :)  

Sunday, November 3, 2013

SUNDAY FUNDAY...outdoors!

We've figured out that these 2 would LIVE outdoors if possible so most of our days are spent in the backyard or playing basketball in the driveway! 

Today was a baseball game for Jake, the Aggies did AWESOME! Jake got 2 great hits, got the out at first and scored a run! 
But little man has been BEGGING to play out there & today was his chance! 
Lefty showing off his moves ;) 
Now as we wait for our Texans to come on...we shoot hoops! In baseball pants, of course! LOL!! 

Not sure if it's the PE teacher in me, but they sure enjoy the outdoors MUCH more than I did as a child and that makes me VERY happy!! Especially how much being active changed my life, I hope they love being active & playing outdoors for a lifetime!!