Tuesday, January 28, 2014

While they're young...

I feel pretty confident that we try & soak up life's little moments with our boys! They are only young for so long...
We play outside almost EVERY day for hours...usually past dark! I'm sure that thrills our neighbors LOL

For my bday that was last week, Justin wanted to make blue cupcakes for me and while I hate cupcakes, he sure enjoyed them! Ha!! Look at those blue lips...

Love my little guys 

Being with GREAT friends...
I've known these girls for most of my life, it's like family and never a dull moment when we all get together ;) LOVE THEM 

Sillyness in the ladies room! Oh the good times we've had in our lives...when we were young, high school and especially the college years!!! 

The husbands joined us this time which made it SO fun!!!! This man is my world! The man of my dreams right by my side in life ;) 

More outside FUN!!!! Loving some backyard baseball every night!! 

And SNOWBALLS!!! Lol well these are Texas icy snowballs but hey, we take what we can get ;) 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Another half marathon ...and more!

Hubby and I completed half #4 yesterday and are so proud!!! He qualified for next year ;) amazing!! 
Boys had baseball tryouts on Saturday!! Something about baseball brings back so many memories of childhood! 
My man had basketball following g tryouts, they did great but no more undefeated title, they lost 12-10 but as you can see, the basketball continued at our house for HOURS!!! 
We had FUN at the marathon expo and grabbed up some running shoes and clothes marked WAY down!! Woohoo
Little man skipped school Thursday and we had such a great day, just the two of us
And hubby and I ended our anniversary celebration with some hanging around, laughing talking and being silly ;) what we all do best! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy 9 years...and many more!

There aren't enough words to describe what this man means to me...
He is my best friend, my husband, he gave us our two, beautiful boys and SO much more! My days are better with him, he lifts me up when I'm not my best, we keep each other focused on our health and more...

Here's to 9 years and a lifetime more...
We will celebrate by doing what we do best-loving one another and living life to the fullest...but a trip to the Bahamas would be great too?! 

Monday, January 13, 2014


We've been PLAYING OUTSIDE...because it's our favorite thing to do!!! 
Especially now that temps are warming up and no more bundling up like this:

Boys are ready for MARDI GRAS!!!!!
And we wouldn't be The McClellen's without constant SILLINESS!!!! 

Our boy has found his favorite sport! He practices day and night...and he beats us FREQUENTLY (and loves it!) 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Not ready AT ALL...

For winter break to end :( 

Had so much fun with family...

And our beautiful nieces that joined us on NYE!!!! 

And time with wonderful friends...
And ANOTHER year of Monster Jam! A family favorite that Santa brings every year ;) 

Yep a driver sat in the bleachers right by us! Pretty cool