Friday, March 30, 2012

silly cousins...

these silly kiddos love to play and laugh...
the other day when these two came to play, there were lots of giggles...

 ...such fun times :-)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm no professional, but I am pretty impressed with a few of these photos that we took of the boys last their matching Easter attire, looking handsome!  
Since we have moved, we enjoy taking golf cart rides around here EVERY day.  
There's something so peaceful and relaxing about it...and what gorgeous views at sunset :-)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Go Houston Rockets and MeMe too!!

We all experienced our very first NBA basketball game on Saturday when MeMe-my mom performed with her Jazzercise group and many others at the halftime show!  

 Houston Rockets VS. Dallas Mavericks
I kept looking for Khloe Kardashian Odom, but never found her :-(
 There's MeMe and all the Jazzercise ladies!  She's the third row up from the left, second lady in!
Justin kept screaming,"MeMe is shaking her booty!"
You can see the ladies in action HERE...and don't forget to turn it up!

Wow, those are some long arms Yao!

...Jake couldn't believe the b-ball players hand prints were SO big!

Mommy and her little NBA players!  
That behind us is a full court for the little was closed for halftime, but it was really neat to watch all of the kiddos in there playing hard!

...he was telling us he wanted his feet to be THAT big!!!

and there's Jake going for the jump shot, practicing his lay up!

The STAR of the show!  MeMe!!! We are proud of ya, MeMe!  
Great job dancing and having fun with your exercise group!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

fun at the boardwalk and soccer sneak peak!

The other day, a group of Jake's school friends and my cousin too, decided to make a day of the Kemah Boardwalk!  It was a gorgeous day and a BLAST, so here's some pics from our fun day...

 ...look at my little tan man, front and center!  
 Jake showing off for the little girl that he thinks is TOO cute!
 He was all smiles after he finally tried out the fountains...So fun, Mommy!!!
 ...uh, they weren't suppose to be moving this sign but they sure looked cute while NOT following directions!
 and then it was time for appetizers and dessert at the Aquarium...they loved watching the sharks and fish swim around while we ate!

And just a little sneak peak at Jake's first soccer game that was Saturday morning!  He played SO hard and loved every second!  This was all the kiddos warming up before the game...
 Trying hard to get the ball from the opponent!  That's our boy!  He sure takes after his Daddy, who was a soccer player for over 15 years...yea, not Mommy, but looking back I sure wish I would have been...there's a lot of running in this sport, it probably would have kept me from gaining all that weight in high school and college :-(
We're so proud of you, played hard and loved every minute of it!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

it's a beautiful day!

such a gorgeous day with temps in the mid-80's, so we had to take a golf cart ride and enjoy this beautiful weather!  especially after the past few day of RAIN and thunderstorms-yuck!
Hope you're enjoying the weather where you are today...

...and yes, these silly boys are barefoot!  LOL!  
I'm thinking this is a perfect spot for some spring/Easter family pics!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Hop and what we've been up to...

we have been busy potty training our littlest man...and he's going on day 3 of big boy undies!!  
*you should see some of the potty dancing that I have been doing to encourage's sad and pathetic and would probably be embarrassing for most, but not this Momma!  
I enjoy making a fool outta myself for the sake of my kiddos!!!  LOL  and yea, we've also encouraged this behavior with some fro yo!  YUM!!!  

...and a few more pics from my cousin, from our fun park day last week!  

I just love this picture of these two cousins!  too darn cute :-)

...and now it's time to link up!!!  
come on, whatcha waiting for??
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and now the blog spotlight of the week...
Camille from Crazy Mama
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Monday, March 19, 2012

what day is it?

whew, I haven't blogged in almost a week?  been busy with family, friends and sports, I guess!  

A trip to Armand Bayou Nature Center with my cousin and her girls the other day was a lot of fun.  We have to find things that get us outta the house when Daddy is sleeping from working all night :-(

 Jake loved this baby alligator!  pretty cool, huh?

 Lots of park fun with his buddy, Hudson!  Ha, excuse Justin's NON-matching outfit...hahaha!!
 We have 2 four-wheelers, but I guess the boys decided to ride the same one!!!

 Then my sister in law, her husband and the girls came to visit yesterday!  it was great finally seeing these girls!  We rode the golf cart and took them to our park too!

and finally, yesterday was also the local St. Joseph Altar.  My grandmother was a huge part of this tradition and it's something we share each and every year, especially now that the altar is in memory of her and her friends, who have now sadly, all passed.  My mom and her friends work hard making this altar so beautiful, and this picture is of myself-pregnant with Justin, Bonka( my grandma!) and my mom at the last altar that my grandmother was able to attend before she passed.  I have SO many memories of her working hard with her friends to make this a success.  Even as a child, we'd all meet at the local hall and bake Italian cookies for HOURS!!!  

...and here's the altar from this year!  beautiful!  A 92 year old woman created a lot of those fig cookies that you see on the altar.  Yes, those pictures of Mary and the cross, the heart...those are ALL cookies!!!  Incredible huh?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Strawberry Pickin'

We have now made Froberg Farm strawberry picking a yearly tradition, but this year was PACKED with people...TOO many people and it was chaos!  But still worth the trip, as always!
guess more and more people are finding out about this fun place and today was a busy day on the farm!  
Lots of strawberries but lots of mud and standing water too, so rain boots were a requirement for this trip, but of course we forgot ours!!  whoops!  But Jake has been eating strawberries since we came home, so guess that means they're good!

 LOTS of cousins...
 Jake and his buddy, Luke checking out the not-so-ripe strawberries but they picked them anyway :-)
 OH NO JUSTIN, that one's not ripe at all...LOL
 these sure are some cute farmers!!!
 Justin and his buddy, Hudson...not too sure about all of this!
 Ah, these brothers can be SO sweet when they wanna be!!!  that's WHEN they wanna be!!!
 ...definitely a fun day at the Froberg Farm!