Monday, April 30, 2012

it was magical then...

So I can only imagine how it's going to be this time around...Walt Disney World, that is!

Jake was only 2 years old-

We figured out that our MOST favorite place to dine is Chef Mickey's, which is where we'll celebrate Justin's 3rd Birthday...

We discovered that McQueen was worth standing in line for...Jake's face lit up when he saw "him" sitting there!  Kachow!!!

We loved watching his face when he'd see a new character...this picture, he had his eye on Pluto, Mommy's favorite!!

We experienced the Spirit of Aloha dinner show with all of our cousins!

It was a time we'll never forget and that's the reason we're SO excited that our trip is less than 7 days away!

Walt Disney World, here we come!!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

phone photo shoot!

He was all smiles this morning before picture day!  His preschool makes a HUGE deal out of Graduation, so today was pictures in their cap and gowns...precious, right?  Although most of his outfit won't show, Mommy had to make sure he was lookin' pretty handsome for today's photos!

and he was ready for school, but acting pretty shy as he walked through the doors!  He said he liked wearing his tennis shoes and Under Armour gear, but I told him to make Mommy happy and look handsome in his dressy clothes for just one day :-)!

Monday, April 23, 2012

12 Days?

...until we see all of these guys, 

and to say we're excited isn't even enough!  We are MORE than excited and the boys are too!   
We're ready to see Buzz, Woody, Mickey, Lightning McQueen and Mater 

to celebrate Justin's 3rd birthday at Chef Mickey's for breakfast!  
ready to roast marshmallows with Chip n Dale at Wilderness campgrounds 
ready to watch our boys transform into Arrgh Pirates at Pirates League @ Magic Kingdom
ready to watch our boys make memories that'll last a lifetime, especially when they first walk through the gates of each park...
ready to be with my family as we celebrate a birthday AND much more!

Disney World, HERE WE COME!!!
*but before we get too excited, we do have a wedding to attend before our vacation begins!  My husband's best friend, since childhood is getting married on May 5th and he's a groomsman.  We're looking forward to a great wedding AND then the packing, flying and checking in at our Walt Disney Resort!!!!  Yay

SUPER silly

As I look back at our silly phone pics from the week...I can't help but laugh!  We are a pretty silly family and it's something that I'm actually REALLY proud of!  
This week of pics might be the silliest ever, so you've been warned...

It starts off not-so-silly but REALLY fun with a picture from my husband and I's date night from the weekend!  We ate at a fantastic Greek restaurant and enjoyed some fire-roasted and spinach artichoke hummus, beef and chicken kabobs and great adult beverages!!!  Yum!  But THIS picture was taken while we stood in line to ride the Boardwalk Bullet in Kemah, Tx!   After dinner and a few drinks, we thought riding a huge, wooden roller coaster with a bunch of teenagers would be just the thing to end date night...and oh my gosh, we were SO right!!!

And these phone pics are Jake's favorite these days...
I yell out the face to make, we do it and snap the pics!
Happy face...
 Silly face!
 Excited face!!!

and little man was found on the couch, practically naked, playing his new iTouch!  Ha, this kid is hilarious!!!

...and what's phone pics without silly time with Daddy!

and here's the four of us being super silly on a Sunday afternoon!  
Isn't being silly THE best way to spend your day?!  
I would say yes, because what's life without a whole lotta laughter!

that's all from the McClellen's for now!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

feeding the ducks

We have an afternoon tradition to take the golf cart for a ride on the course, and we finally decided to bring food for the ducks!  The boys wanted them to eat from their hands, but we thought that probably wasn't a great idea...Ha!  They loved it!  
The ducks ate up most of the bread and these two, crazy boys ate the rest!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Justin's Birthday Party!

We decided although we're spending his real birthday at Disney World, we had to have a little celebration for his family and friends too...and of course, he loved it!  

look at my little surfer man, coming down the slide!  ha!

Oh Yea, it's MY birthday party!  And I'm having FUN!!!

 little cousin, Kenley looking cute!!

 all the kiddos eating their sno cones!  I think that was their favorite part of the party!!!

My aunt Sheila holding our newest cousin, Bailey!  look at those that baby girl!

our friends, Brooks and Burkley!  such sweethearts...

my niece Adeline, and cousin Bella sure had fun together!

and there's the birthday boy with his buddy, Hudson!  Look how he's acting like a grown man with his arm on his friend!  LOL!

He got into trouble because he blew out the candles WHILE we were singing...Hahahahaha!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012


sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy when these boys are fighting over toys, running through the house, tattling on each other and any other form of brotherly love!  Ha!  but seriously, watching these boys grow together and form their brotherly bond is something that I will cherish forever.  
It's the small, sweet moments that matter most.  Ya know, the ones when nobody is watching...
they look after one another.
are each other's best friend.
hang out together.
laugh together.
love each other.
and if I remind myself to stop and take it all in, it's THOSE sweet moments that make me smile!

So, tomorrow when they are chasing each other and screaming through the house...I'll remember to STOP and read this post!  ha!!!!

Stella & Dot-Autism Speaks

Stella & Dot is working to help shine a light on Autism for the month of April and they have selected 4 bracelets from their collection to where 20% of the sales will go to Autism Speaks.  What a great way to help make a difference!  If you or someone you know is affected by Autism, please visit this website to learn more.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter wrap-up

Our weekend was filled with lots of fun things...
dyeing Easter eggs, a trip to Bass Pro, a birthday party, and lots of swimming! inside his Easter eggs-look how excited he is!

...and what's out to dinner with MeMe without some cheese dip on his lips!  LOL

this is the boat that Jake says he wants for Christmas this year!  Ha!!

Hope you had a super fun-filled Easter, including lots of memories with family and friends :-)