Sunday, September 23, 2012

how exciting!!

The Disney Magic left from the Port of Galveston for the first time yesterday!  It was a huge celebration with Mickey and his friends!  It sure got us pumped up for our Disney Magic cruise 
that sails in two months from this exact location!!!  
The boys were so excited as we pulled up and saw the Mickey ears!!  

Friday night was a skating party for a friend of Jake's that is in his class, and they were in preschool together for two years prior to kinder!  Happy B-Day Allen, we sure had fun!  This was our first time EVER in a skating rink, unless you count back when I was in Jr. High School!!  It was fun, I even tried skating but it was awful!  Jake didn't mind falling and making all of his buddies laugh, so it was a good time!  Plus, the boys were able to bring their Razor scooters and were racing all over the rink floor!  Pretty neat party!  It was funny to watch Jake being SO independent with his buddies...I mean, he needed Mom for nothing  :-(
I took some videos of him and they were hysterical!  He knew he was falling all over the place, but still entered the skating race...he was cracking everyone up!  Then the scooter race he redeemed himself!  LOL!

A BIG GROUP!  His sister had some of her friends too!  

Friday, September 21, 2012

a day off!

Now that our big boy is in school, we really have to take advantage of inservice days...
we had one this week so we packed it full of fun things!

It started off with a morning full of fishing!

and a golf cart ride!!

then it was off to the go-kart track to have some FUN!  

 I love riding go-karts!  I swear I felt just like a kid again!  Brandon and I each took one of the boys, so it was fun to race and watch the boys having that much fun!!  We'll definitely be going back OFTEN!!!

Then back at home that evening the boys were mowing grass with Daddy and they stumbled across this...
Yea it's a snake-not too big and probably harmless but it sure scared me!  They found it on the side of the house, so I told the boys when they are playing outside for hours every day...they better be on the look-out because next time it could be MUCH bigger and more DANGEROUS!!!  Yikes!!!

Overall a super fun day without school!  YIPEE!!!  Can't wait for the next school holiday!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

week recap!

Well little man had his first tball practice on Thursday!  OMG, it was precious!  Sort of sad too, because I remember Jake starting that early and times goes by so quickly.  

He had a great practice and since this little guy is NOT shy at all, he was the life of practice!!  Telling the kids to back up, he was going to hit it far.  Jumping up and down when he'd catch the ball and telling people to clap.  Telling the coach he better stay close because he was gonna hit a home run!  
I mean, it was HILARIOUS!!!  I never stopped laughing...
 I have to also say he flipped his hat around backwards to see the ball, said the hat was messing up his game!

this week we brought the boys to the golf course to practice and have some fun...
 Jake actually takes this very seriously...just like his Pop!

And we had a super fun Friday night with our friends, catching lots of is always best!  Ha!

 Oh and dressing up like superhero's...if you're confused, Justin is making his tough guy face!  Hahaha!
And they made us laugh for hours....dancing in the living room, playing basketball, riding bikes and then some late night fishing, made for a fun Friday night.  These boys all like fishing, hunting, camping(where we first met them) and all things outdoors- rough and tough like their Daddy's!
We definitely showed all of our boys that you're never too old to have fun, laugh and be SILLY!!  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

while brother is at school...



we miss ya, Jake!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

and my BABY is in preschool :-(

This past weekend was time for Daddy and my oldest son, Jake to go dove hunting with friends! 
they were missed SOOO much but had fun!

so that left our house with only Momma and her baby, Justin on his last weekend before preschool started...

He's never been in school, just home with me so it was REALLY hard and emotional for me to let go and allow him to make that step toward growing up :-( so we spent the weekend doing TOO many fun things...wait, there's never TOO many fun things right?

We took him the Bay watch Dolphin Tours in Galveston and we loved it...saw TONS of dolphins swimming right up to the boat!  Then stopped for a great lunch over-looking the water...

Ugh, then it was time to get my baby dressed for his first day...Mommy had another lump in my throat but seeing him so happy and excited made me happy!  He was READY!  Jake was always timid and reserved, but not this little man...he walked in immediately making friends, talking to his teachers and said, "bye mom, I'll see you after I eat my lunch with my friends and learn some stuff"....ughhh!  I wanted to stay in that classroom all day, right next to baby!
 notice that he HAD to have the same shoes as big brother for school!

When I picked him up, he was SO happy about school said he LOVES it so that sure makes me happy too!  It was hard letting go of both boys in the same week, but I did pretty good considering.  Justin was dressed with his backpack on and ready to go this morning, I've never seen him that I guess that means Mommy has to suck it up and let go- a little!  I was able to start dinner, do laundry & dishes and the house all clean with my "free" time so can't complain about that!

I'm proud of both of my big boys but of course I'm gonna say it,
they're growing up TOO fast :-(

Saturday, September 1, 2012

one week-DONE!

Our house made it through an entire week of kindergarten!  I know most of you are probably juggling A LOT more, but this was chaos for me!  Whew, it's gonna take some getting used to with school, football, playing outside, cooking dinner, cleaning house/clothes...seems like it all doubled this week!  Is that possible?

He did great his first day and week of school...he loves it!  His favorite class is P.E (yea, I'm very proud of that) His behavior has been wonderful in class, loves his teacher and his classmates, so overall it's been great!  I am very happy that he knows so many kids from preschool.  I think it has made it easier for him and since he's at the school I used to teach, he says all of the teachers know him and are always checking on him!  And he said his first day of P.E, his teacher said "Jake's mom used to teach in this room and we loved her"...he said it was cool!  I better take advantage, Mommy won't be "cool" for long!

By day 2, he came home with a "girlfriend"...haha!  This is the little girl he's been in preschool with for 2 years and now they have been chasing each other on the playground like crazy...I feel romance coming on!

LOL KIDDING!!!!  He's allowed to have a "real" girlfriend when he's 30!

Whew, this week I was sure missing my boy...he says he missed me too, but I think he was saying it to make me feel better :-)

And then by Friday we were going to meet the teacher for our little man...handsome and looks just like Daddy!  He was excited but a little nervous meeting his teachers, let's hope next week is smooth because I'm still trying to tell myself it's better that he socialize with other 3 year olds two days a week then staying home with Momma full-time!  Ah my baby growing so fast!

Two of my boys, while my big boy is at school...
With my husband's schedule we were able to do SO many fun things during the week while he was off, but these days it'll be different...MUCH different.  No day trips to Bass Pro Shops, or the batting cages...Jake will have school.  And although we skipped (shhh!) preschool way too often for fun days, we can't do that quite as much in kindergarten!
So the time with just the four of us is being missed right now, but we're hoping we'll figure out how to have some weekday FUN after 3:05 and I have confidence that we'll figure it out soon!