Thursday, April 29, 2010

"To Infinity and BEYOND!"

Well, our cousins have a "Buzz Lightyear Rocket Sprinkler", so why shouldn't we? Right? RIGHT! At least that's what Jacob said, so his MeMe(who spoils him rotten!) delivered one to our house today and needless to say, HE LOVED IT...
check out this crazy man in action!the rocket is fixing to launch! 3...2...1....

Jacob in mid-air!...can you tell he loves this thing? And there would be no pictures of Mommy or Daddy because we are soaking, why you ask? Because Jacob decided it would be hilarious to spray us down with the water hose-

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

just can't get enough

I can't stop watching this little man and his HILARIOUS crawl! I find myself just sitting on the floor watching him cruise all over the house, and he's quick too! He's mastered dancing the "worm" very well! I just think it's so stinkin' precious :) Oh and don't you just love when he's playing ball, he yells out "DaDa' not "MaMa"...Ha! I am not ready for him to turn ONE, seems like he won't be my baby boy any longer :(

but at least I have several videos of this priceless crawl!! ENJOY!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Random, Weekend FUN!

Happy to report, Justin is feeling MUCH better-Yay!
And we had the most perfect weather today for playing OUTSIDE! And this was Justin's first trip in Jacob's favorite toy, the Arctic Cat! As you can see, they had a blast and are both passed out in their beds :)

Excuse this bottom pic and Justin's super high pants! Ha, not sure why they're pulled up like that, but it looks HILARIOUS in this pic! I promise I don't dress him like this in public, only around the house...Ha!

Friday, April 23, 2010

some Birthday sneak peaks...and a sick boy!

So, with Justin sick, (click here for that post) I have been working on some FIRST birthday crafts for our littlest guy and his big birthday that'll be here very soon...almost too soon! If you can't read the bottom of the invite, it's the cutest part-it says,
"We're FLIPPIN out that Justin't turning ONE, so RIDE THE WAVE on over and let's have some fun"
I made a plaque to hang the invite-so easy and fun! Put the clip on there with my all-purpose adhesive, tied ribbons around the clip and VOILA! Found that cute scrapbook paper background for the plaque at a local scrapbook store and it matched the invitation perfectly! Yay!

Just wait until you see what I have in mind for all of these precious pics taken throughout his first year! Look how much my sweet boy has changed...ahh, give me a moment :( they grow so fast!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

ALMOST made it a full year without...

But sadly, he had a dr. appt today and sure enough, double ear infection- YUCK:(
Poor boy, look at this pathetic little face of his, sad right?! He is really stuffy, pulling at both of his little ears, eyes are watering, just hasn't been himself, so Mommy feels terrible that I didn't take him to the doctor sooner, but ya know how it goes, most of the time you take them and it's NOTHING-waste of money and time, but this time wasn't the case...

Now he is sleeping comfortably with some meds, so hopefully tomorrow he'll wake up a happy little guy like usual!
Here's to no more ear infections, EVER!
may be wishful thinking?! But let's for sure say none before your 1st birthday on May 11th!

Our Gran

Happy 80th Birthday, Gran! We love you bunches and hope to see you very soon!
Gran is my husband's grandmother(his dad's mother) and is such an incredible woman! She is very wise, has many great stories to share and has a beautiful heart :)
After losing my grandmother, Bonka just a short time ago( she is missed beyond words!), I have grown to cherish my relationships a lot more and one that I have always cherished so very much is our relationship with Gran-although she doesn't live close by right now, we are hoping she makes her way in this direction very soon!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

more berries and some new kicks!

yep, that's right...the McClellen's just can't get enough of the strawberry pickin' and fresh veggies and fruit! Do you see all these strawberries?? YUM! I had a tip from a blog friend to freeze some up and save them for later and that's just what we did! Now we'll have strawberries all year long-thanks for the tip!

Oh and we can't forget Jacob's new kicks (tennis shoes)! Is it just our little boy who's feet are growing WAY too quickly?! It's crazy, I swear this kid has grown about 3 sizes in less than a year! This is going to get expensive...but I just can't resist! Those that know me, know my obsession with Nike shoes -it might be on the verge of crazy??
But they are SO stinkin' cute on him, can you blame me?! and that's the best pic he'd let me take...oh Mr. Shy!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Injury #1..and counting

So, we were playing over at cousin Angie's house yesterday, having a great time UNTIL...

Jacob was riding on the PowerWheels STANDING UP, instead of sitting down(our little rebel!) and Mommy told him over and OVER again to sit down and somebody wouldn't listen-can't imagine who, and this is the result! A busted up face after hitting a tree and falling out of the truck! And our little tough guy says the worst part of all of this was dirt in his mouth! I think the entire neighborhood heard his screams over the dirt in his mouth rather than the scrapes and bruises! And what did Jacob do immediately after being cleaned up?
Ran right back to the PowerWheels truck, stood up and took off....I'd like to say he learned his lesson, but I guess not?!

Friday, April 16, 2010

boys and their toys!

Okay, so when Mommy was little and I had a new toy, I would make sure it stayed in it's new package as long as possible, made sure NOBODY would mess with it or mess it up and was SO proud of that toy...then I had boys!

My mom bought Jacob a toy while we were out shopping today! Thanks MeMe and we had it home for about 15minutes, Mommy went into the kitchen to fix dinner AND Jacob asked me to play with him on the floor, so of course I did and he asked me...
"Mommy, would you like to play with the hunter or his arms?"
it was then that I knew...this toy might have had the shortest life possible-poor guy!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

He's a STAR!

So, today was Jacob's very first performance at Mother's Day Out! the way! The theme: "Join Us at the Luau", very cute!
People there to watch our performer: Mommy, Daddy, Justin, MeMe, PawPaw, DeDe and Pop! Yep, we were all there to capture this moment....but the question is,
Did Jacob perform??

If this video didn't sum it up for ya, the answer is NO! Here's the play by play-
We arrived and immediately I was asked to come to the back room to see Jacob because he refused to put on his cute little shirt-once he saw me, he decided he'd put it on (Oh and a bribe to take him to the park to play afterward:) ) He walked up on stage and stood there like a deer in headlights-he pretty much looked like he wanted to puke all over the stage! I totally missed a good picture of the finale where he decided he'd pick his nose...AWESOME!
But in our eyes, out little man is a STAR! We are SO proud of him for going up there and looking so darn cute for his very first performance!
Good job JACOB...we love you "way up the moon and back" sweet boy!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Take me out to the Ballgame

pretty soon it'll be time for tee ball, which may not be the smartest idea for our very active, mind-of-his-own, 3 year old...but who cares, it'll be fun to watch and take pictures, right?
Check out Jake in action...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Ladies Man"

A.K.A-Justin Cole will be turning ONE in just ONE, short month!
This kid is HILARIOUS!
Your "baby talk" sentences melt my heart all day long!
...and baby pics of you and your Daddy-you can't tell them apart! and if I haven't said it enough-THOSE BABY BLUE EYES! You sleep like no other baby I know! Two, yes TWO naps a day, plus 13-14hr. nights!! You love your crib, right when we lay you down, you crash-
it's precious :)
Mommy's also having a hard time letting go of the ONESIE. I feel like letting go of them, means you're not my baby any longer?! Sad, but true. So, for Mommy's comfort, you'll wear an occasional onesie until I'm ready to let them go, k? Thanks for your understanding!
P.S. Your Daddy can't stand when I put you in them, but I think you look just as precious as can be!

Your big brother loves you SO much! You two are so fun to watch-especially when he's not taking your toys away:(
We keep telling him to watch out, because pretty soon you'll be able to hold your own! LoL!
Love you sweet little man and can't believe at this time last year, I was on bed rest (as much as I could rest while chasing Jacob all day long!) waiting for your big arrival!
Happy 11 Month B-Day, sweet boy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Strawberry Pickin'!

Froberg's Farm had THOUSANDS of strawberries just waiting for us to pick and eat! Yum! Today was a perfect day, I think we were the only ones there...

...and when we got home, we had a DELICIOUS fruit salad with all of the fresh fruit we bought! Nothing beats FRESH fruit! We may have to make another trip here very soon!
P.S. What is up with Jacob's pathetic smile in this bottom pic? Ha! That boy cracks me up!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Here's a HINT

So, this sweet boy will be ONE YEAR OLD on May 11th! Although I am super excited about his birthday party, I am also having a hard time dealing with the fact that my "baby" will soon be turning 1. Yikes!! Justin is the sweetest little cuddler, who loves his Momma so much, and his Daddy and brother too! He is So funny and he doesn't even know it yet. He makes us laugh all the time, whether it's that hilariously, cute crawl of his (yes, he's still doing it!) or the way he'll shout at you if you're not feeding him fast enough!!
SO, in honor of the soon-to-be birthday boy, our blog background has changed to give you a HINT about the birthday theme for this little man! come on, what do ya think it'll be??!!

This little boy has changed our lives SO much this past year and we can't imagine life without our little family of FOUR!
Love you JUSTIN!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some EASTER Fun!

Just wishing you and your family a very, hOppy Easter!
Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt with Jacob's buddy, Parker! These two have SO much fun together!

Look at little Justin, enjoying his first Easter Basket full of Gerber Graduate GOODIES!

Dying eggs was super fun this year, Jacob cracked about 6 eggs, just from dropping them as hard as he could into the cups...oh, gotta love these boys! and I sure do!

Happy Easter 2010!
Mommy is secretly hoping that the Easter Bunny brings her one, small bag of Reese's Pieces :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

WILD about the ZOO

So, we decided that this weather is TOO perfect to not take advantage of a ZOO trip! So, we packed our lunch, and headed out...
I have a love/hate relationship with my husband's shift work!
LOVE: when he's off during the week and we can do fun things like this as a family!!
HATE: when he works nights and the sound of ANYTHING, makes me hold the phone close just in case the police need to be notified :( Pathetic, I know! Sad, how all of our fun day pictures involve Justin, strapped in his stroller and NO SHOES! Why, you ask? Well, he takes his shoes off NO MATTER WHAT..this kid is good too, he can get flip-flops off in one good tug, tennis shoes-he has it down to an art form!
Happy Boy LOVED the train ride...his favorite part for sure!

Jacob's favorite...the playground, baby!!!

Oh how I wish this was a better pic to capture this super, hilarious moment! Justin LOVED the animals, was cracking up when they'd come over to him, then he'd grab one by the ear and giggle! PRECIOUS! And where was Jacob? Not liking the goats at all. hands in his pockets the whole time!

Taking a trip down the slide with Big Brother...I love these boys! Just in case I haven't mentioned that in this post?!
and can you see the barefoot baby again??, we sure looked classy at the zoo this time, huh?

Two of my three boys...this is a 100% daddy's boy, but I think he has those Momma moments least I hope so :(

Jacob wouldn't go near the "real" peacock, but this big 'ol plastic one was too much fun!
Very entertaining!!

Jacob loved the reptiles and I assured him that there will be NO reptiles in our house, EVER!
Even when he's 15 and begs...absolutely NOT!

And a few pics of the animals...the whole reason we were there. right? I am convinced that Houston is too hot for these animals, so usually they are off finding shade and nowhere to be seen...but on this particular day, they were loving the not-so-humid weather, which made it a great day for us!
Think it's safe to say, the McClellen's were WILD ABOUT THE ZOO!