Sunday, July 31, 2011

lots of things

Jacob tasting a snow cone from SnoCone Hut! Very cool place, but my boys didn't care for them!

a Bass Pro Shops pic, because Jacob picked his favorite place to go, after doing such a GREAT job as ring bearer last weekend :)

Justin trying a rice krispie treat! Yes, I'm awful and my children really don't get sweets in our home. Hardly EVER. So, I decided to use our leftover marshmallows from the Jellystone trip to make some yummy treats! Jacob tasted them and thought they were sticky and gross(I know, just sad right?!) and then Justin tasted it, looked at me and said, "Mommy, Mmmm these SO good" Hahahaha!

And who do you think ate most of them? Daddy and I, of course!

Which is the reason sweets and processed goodies don't come into our home :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

rainy day fun!

Last week, my friend Jenni asked us if we'd like to join her and her daughter, Jillian at the zoo! But of course, it was pouring by the time we made it to Houston.

I suggested the Children's Museum, because it was near the zoo AND we wouldn't get soaking wet!

I am used to going to the museum during the school year, NOT the summer...and guess what? It was a zoo! SWARMED with people and we could barely keep an eye on the little ones.

So, our museum trip lasted 45minutes :(

I am NOT ready to see these two driving off together...SCARY! Momma will be a wreck. I'll have to make sure they know-NO GIRLS ALLOWED IN YOUR CAR!!!!!!

So, after our 45minute trip, we decided to check out the zoo anyway...yes, it was raining but we were ready to see some animals and have some Zoo fun! these pictures are awful because my camera kept fogging up from the humidity and rain! I should have captured a picture of my was AWFUL! Big 'ol frizzy mess!

The perks of going to the zoo in the rain: nobody is there, so you have the place to yourselves! We were able to watch them feed the lions-so cool! The kids loved it! Don't worry, I made sure that fence was secure before letting my kids get up close and personal!

The kids favorites from our rainy, Zoo day? The elephants, giraffe's and lions for sure! Oh and they loved all of the reptiles too! Mommy didn't enjoy seeing all those snakes, but my boys did!
We were afraid all of the animals would be hiding, but most of them were excited to see rain, I'm sure it's been SUPER hot for them here lately! Here's hoping a better Zoo trip is planned soon!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's an ONLINE party!!!

Have you heard of stella & dot? I have decided that an online party was something we all need! Who doesn't want stylish jewelry to wear for all occasions? I know that I tend to wear t-shirts and workout shorts all too often, but since buying some great pieces from stella & dot, I've tried getting out of my workout clothes, so I am able to show off my new bling!! PLUS, what's better than an online party, where there's no dressing up, going to a house party and having the pressures of ordering on the spot! This way, you are able to shop online without worries and find exactly what you're looking for! Yay!
How it works:
It's SO easy! Basically, you go here. Go to the top right corner "find your hostess", and type in Marissa McClellen (that's me!), click on July 27th and you are ready to SHOP!!!
Your order will SHIP DIRECTLY TO YOU!
* Spring/Summer items are listed under Sale Items and these are all discounted right now, so what are you waiting for?!

If you'd like to read more information about this fabulous company, go here!
Mandatory Entry:
If you spend $50 with my online party, you will be entered to win the Soiree Pearl Bracelet pictured below! The winner may choose ivory, black, brown or gray and I don't know about you, but I'm always up for free things!!
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My online party ends 8/3/2011, so hurry up and get your orders placed! As I said before, your order will ship to YOU, it will never make it to me or my neighbor(the distributor!)...straight to YOU! Happy Shopping!!!

And don't forget Stella & Dot has some great items for your daughters, nieces, grandchildren, or any other special girl in your life! You can check those items out here! They come in a super cute box and are very reasonably priced, so they make perfect gifts!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Man, the Ring Bearer...

did SO good!

And the Bride was beautiful! I think she had a good time too :)

The kids walked down the aisle perfectly! Stood there during the ceremony-we were SO proud of Jacob...he's such a big boy and looked SO handsome!

And you know how there are two types of weddings...

1. boring weddings (people eat, visit and go home)

2. FUN, PARTY weddings, where nobody wants to leave!!! **I'd say ours was like this too!!!

This was a FUN, party wedding!!! For sure!

Great food, great music, great visiting with all of our family!

We were all dancing(my most favorite thing to do), the bride and groom were cracking everyone up on the dance floor. The wedding party dressed up like the Village People to dance and sing the YMCA! All of the cousins sang, Cella Luna as the guests danced the Tarantella.

We did the soul train line and we were all laughing SO hard at everyone's dance moves!

It was a party 'til the very end!

I think the bride and groom are on their way to Boston (a surprise trip! They thought they were going to San Antonio before he is to report back to the Navy, BUT our cousin, the bride's Dad surprised them with tickets to the Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park TODAY! Groom is a HUGE Red Sox fan, so he was totally speechless!!! VERY COOL!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

today at the park!

At the last minute, we decided to brave the park in this SUPER hot and humid weather! Surprisingly, it was cooler than we thought and this park has TONS of shade from all of the trees. After lots of playing, being silly and getting dirty...they had enough and Justin came home to a THREE hour nap and is already sleeping for the night! Guess the park trip was a lot of fun! So happy that Luke and Hudson were able to join us and make our park day that much more fun! I'm not gonna lie, a nice sprinkler out there would have been nice but we all survived and might have to try this park again SOON!

he's almost 5?

Well, not YET...but still.
He does not like cuddling, unless he's really sleepy or sick.
When Mommy dances in the car, he tells me to stop, it's embarrassing!
He helps Daddy take out the trash and mow the grass.
He stays outside ALL.DAY.LONG
He brushes his teeth without us telling him. (this one makes me sad...he's so grown up!)
He calls to talk to his grandparents when he needs (WANTS) something!
**But he still has a blanket! Sucks that thumb! AND loves his Mommy, Daddy and Justin!

I'll just take advantage of him still thinking Mommy is "cool"...

well, some of the time I'm "cool", mostly I'm embarrassing! Ha!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

random pics with a promise!

These pics have been sitting on my camera for TOO long and I thought they were too cute not to share...

Daddy and Justin sitting by the dugout at the tball game :)

Jacob and what he likes to do while waiting to take the field!

Lots of "Good Game" high-5's!
that sweet face with those baby blue eyes

all of the kiddos at the 4th of July party!

...and of course, some Jellystone pics of all of these wild and crazy kids riding on the golf cart!

I have slacked off from using my big, Nikon D3100 and I'm really upset about that. I am going to make sure I take this camera every where we go from this time on...

I am ashamed that I only took TWO pictures on our camping trip and only 15 from 4th of July! I'm usually the crazy, picture taker so look out, I'm coming back...AND just maybe I'll learn how to shoot in manual settings one of these days, but for now AUTO will have to do :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

MeMe's Birthday!

It's her birthday...we won't say how old (because she'll be furious!) but I know that she's an important part of MY life, the life of my family and SO many others...

My mom, ( aka, MeMe) has been such a symbol of strength to me my entire life.

When my parents divorced, I only had her to look to for guidance, advice, love...everything. She was there. Always there.

I see a lot of divorced Moms and the way they choose to mom was NOT one of those. She was ALWAYS there for ME. Never left me to go live her life. She always showed me that it was OUR life, never hers. She's lived selfless for so long, I'm sure not sure how she'd react to someone doing for her all of the time...she's always given so much. Although we can drive each other crazy, A LOT. I know that she means well and has my best intentions at heart.

On this day, her birthday should be filled with happiness knowing she's such an important person in SO many people's lives...

HAPPY @*th birthday, Mom! We love you!