Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The week...

Is going great! 1st baseball practice was great! Jake got the hang of the pitching machine and it was all over...awesome hits! Proud of ya, Jake!
Our entertainment at practice! He's hilarious, talking to EVERYONE! Where does he get that from?!! ;) 

We stay entertained in the afternoon's with these two crazies! ALWAYS shirtless, of course!

And sometimes we get lucky and are able to see a free concert in our living room! How lucky are we??? 
It starts with Country and then goes straight to HIP HOP! Just like that...
...oh and back to Country with some Luke Bryan! 
I could watch & laugh ALL NIGHT LONG! 

...and this kid! Singing every word, to every song! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

1st day of 1st grade...

My boy woke up excited and anxious to start his first grade year....

And I was doing okay holding myself together until my friend sent me these...
Jake & his best bud, Luke! They were babies :( we took these boys EVERYWHERE! Tarah always packed the snacks and we'd take off on a new adventure each week...they have grown up together, experiencing so many cool things and our hope is that their friendship will last a lifetime! 

And we were excited to find out that these best buds have the SAME class this year! Now this can be tough, seeing so much of one another but us Mommies will make sure their friendship grows even more! 
Love ya, Jake & Luke! Hope your first day is awesome :) and just know we're missing you both and are SO proud to be your Momma's and happy you two are friends! 
Okay enough mushiness for one day!

Friday, August 23, 2013

The final countdown...

Jake's 1st grade year will begin on Monday! Meet the teacher was great...looks like it'll be a great year!
Momma and her boy! Where has my baby gone? 
Ms. Junco!!!! 
The crew of boys in class! Such a cute bunch of boys!

And I'm soaking up the last few days of hanging out in our pj's...what a fun summer
Cousin Madi had her bday party tonight...SO much fun! 


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day in Galveston

Since summer is coming to an end YUCK
We decided a day in Galveston would be fun!
Started off at the Ocean Star museum...

These hilarious boys trying on all the gear!

Look at my little oil rig boys!


Uh oh....
Who let these crazy boys take over as Co-Captain's??? Eeek!!!!! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Their first visit to the dentist!! Ugh...I had put this appointment off for so long, fearing they'd hate it when actually they loved it! After they had their check-up, cleanings and x-rays they gave them bouncy balls, toothbrushes and a bag full of goodies! I think they'd go back every day :) ha!! Both boys even operated the suction straw on their own! What happened to my babies?? :(  

X-rays, teeth cleaning, meeting Dr. Geno-we love him and they did great!! 
They had to entertain everyone by wearing these like batman capes! 
Justin's was dragging the floor...hilarious! He thought it was so cool! 
My little man watched his big brother & then it was his turn! Hilarious to watch them be such big babies are growing up :( 
They have no cavities and had great first visits :) 

Sunday, August 18, 2013


We were able to go to the preseason game last night-SO much fun!!!! Thanks to our wonderful Aunt Liz, of course! 
We had so much fun yelling, dancing and cheering on our team! And of course now that the boys "met" JJ, we "think" he's our buddy!! Lol

Best part? TEXANS WON!!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Floating the river with friends...
Hanging out where the dam meets the Guadalupe was FREEZING!

Deer everywhere!!
Shopping in FREDERICKSBURG ...I had never been! What a cool place!
Daddy's "beer goggles"....hahaha!!!
Lunch at Fredericksburg Brewery! Very yummy & the beer was soooo good!
Silly kiddos!
The five & dime store was THE most fun! Sooo many cool things from our childhood! Made me think of my grandma A LOT! 
No worries, it's an old fashioned root beer!!! 
Holy moly this place had chocolate dipped EVERYTHING! Twinkies, bananas, bacon-YES bacon! 
....and then a stop in Luckenbach! HOW COOL!!!! 

Yes I'm riding the saddle!!! When in Luckenbach, why not?? 
Exploring at the Lake! 

Molly LOVED swimming in the lake!

Donkeys on the side of the road!