Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Ride!

I've never seen this boy have so much fun!  
I tried to upload the videos but for some reason they won't work.  They are cool to watch because he's full speed over those hills!

 Little brothers decided to play with dirt and sticks while the big boys rode!

We took the boys to a motocross park close by and they LOVED it!  Our friends that we met camping actually came with us since their 6 year old has a dirt bike too!  I thought the boys wouldn't ride on the actual hills/jumps but I was totally WRONG!  At one point, Jake actually caught air on a jump!  Amazed that I didn't pass out...I was a nervous wreck!  Jake is ready to take private lessons, so we'll see how much I can handle!  SAFETY first, trust me!  I was happy to see when he did crash, he's dust himself off and get right back fear so I remind him CONSTANTLY to be careful and always pay attention :-)
He has the racing gear, so next time he'll look much cooler in the proper attire!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

T'was the week before Thanksgiving break...

and we're ready for a week with Jake and NO SCHOOL!!!
Although we have some super fun things planned for the next week, we sure had some fun this past week...

Being silly,

Taking over the house with Nerf guns, 

Going to Open House and seeing Jake's "Star Student of the Week",

Posing with Molly in their pj's,

Using her as a pillow too!!

Playing some Hook 'Em Connect Four from Aunt Michelle and family,

LOTS of dirt bike riding...whew, he's good already so think we're in trouble!  

LOTS of Mommy watching her SIX YEAR OLD ride the dirt bike :)

Giving Thanks for this Indian and Pilgrim!

And best buds celebrating their Thanksgiving Feast at school!
Hope your week before Thanksgiving break has been fun too!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

He's 6!

Jake's 6th MONSTER JAM Birthday Party 
with unlimited go karts and games was sure to be a SMASH...and it was!

Oh and no MONSTER JAM party is complete without paper trucker hats!!!  AWESOME!!  When I ordered those I thought they were REAL hats, they arrived and had to be put together and taped!  Lol!  I thought the kids would think they were silly but as you can see, they LOVED THEM!  Thought they were so cool and I think I heard a few of the boys say the hats were "SWEET!!!"  They had glow necklaces for going around the track at night too...pretty cool!

We had a great time and I think all of the kids had so much fun!  Jake said it was his best birthday yet, so guess we did a good job!  I actually made the cupcakes camouflage throughout, as Jake requested so that took a lot of time, but once I saw all those little boys bite into them and yell, "AWESOME" it was totally worth it :)  
We had pizza too, but do you know how difficult it is to get 25, 5 and 6 year old boys to STOP riding go karts and playing games to eat pizza!  I think most of the boys took a slice to go!!  

The best part of the evening was watching the Dad's have as much fun as the boys!  TOO CUTE!  The dad's were very competitive out on the race track and indoors for the arcade was hilarious!  I can honestly say all of the Dad's had a blast which usually doesn't happen at kids birthday parties, right?  

It's definitely one we'll never forget and I'm still having a hard time dealing with the fact that my baby boy is SIX YEARS OLD!  I know, I know...get over it, right?  Well, easier said than done.  I feel like it all happened so quickly and he's my big boy now....even Justin's not my baby boy!  Guess Molly the pup is my new baby GIRL :)  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy 34th Birthday!

To my husband, my best friend, an incredible father and SO much more!

I mean of course he's the most handsome man I've ever laid eyes on, that's a given!  
BUT almost 12 years ago I met him and my life was forever changed...I was IN LOVE!  

12 years later and after almost 8 years of marriage, I am still in love and fall in love with this man more and more each day!  It sounds cheesy, but he's my everything! He is a strong man that puts his family FIRST.  He loves our boys more than life and always shows me how important I am in his life.  He helps around the house, he goes to work without complaining so that I'm able to stay at home and be there for our boys each day!  He NEVER likes to see me upset.  When he's pulled out of his comfort zone and lets loose and acts like a fool, I LOVE IT!  He likes to hunt, fish, anything outdoors and teaches our boys to love it too...he's a "man's man" and I LOVE IT!!  He makes me laugh non-stop and sure knows how to make me feel special EVERY day!  I am so fortunate to have met and married the love of my life.  

Happy 34th Birthday to you babe, you are our everything and hope you have the best birthday EVER!  

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday

to my sweet boy!
Jake, it's very hard for me to believe that you're turning 6 tomorrow
On November 8, 2006 our lives changed forever...
You are a Daddy's boy and wanna do EVERYTHING just like Daddy!
You would live outside if we'd allow it!
You love camping and going fishing!
You love helping Mom around the house and that makes me so happy!
You LOVE to agitate your brother :)
You eat healthy and will try anything once.
You have a HUGE heart and hate to disappoint.
You are extremely timid and shy around people that you don't takes you a while to let people in but once they get to know you, they see how hilarious you are!
You love to dance but only around the four of us-just like Daddy!
You love anything camouflage and Bass Pro Shops is like your Disney World!
You want a jacked up truck more than anything in the world
and love to make me nervous with your stunts on your bike!  I'm sure that'll only get worse with this new dirt bike!  Lol!
You are a ladies man with those big dimples!  People stop us everywhere we are to tell us how handsome you are and that makes us so happy to know they think so too :)
Now that you're in kindergarten (big boy school), your teachers always compliment on your behavior, maturity and parents, you have NO idea how proud this makes us, sweet boy!
and Shhh, you still secretly love your blanket!  Don't worry, Mommy won't tell!

We love you Jake!  I can't believe how fast you've grown but you sure make us proud and SO happy!
Our hearts are filled with love for you and hope you have THE best day ever!
P.S Mommy will probably take TOO many pictures of you tomorrow, so SMILE BIG!!!

Love ya to the moon and back, Birthday Boy!!!

Boo! better late than never

First of all, I know I'm late but hey...I have Instagram!!!
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Our Halloween was filled with lots of FUN, family and friends!

First all of the kiddos, or most of the kiddos from our family helped us celebrate a little early with cookies, candy and silly times, as you can see!

of course we had to decorate our golf cart...
no Halloween is complete without a little Ghostbusters and strobe lights!!!  LOL

and then we met up with our friends and had some Halloween fun!  Mommy (me) was screaming and almost had a heart attack after being CHASED with a chainsaw!  Whew, I'm such a wuss and cannot handle that stuff!  I jumped out of my skin at the Jellystone haunted house, so I'm not the one you wanna take along with ya on Halloween!!!

Oh my goodness, his wish came true!!!
Our oldest son, Jake turns 6 on Thursday (tomorrow)  and all he wanted was a dirt bike!

DON'T PANIC, he was riding it WITHOUT the motor!  Trust me, he'll have all of his protective gear today!  This was just him getting a feel for it and as you can see HE'S SO HAPPY!
Funny how we'll do anything to make our children smile!  We knew this was what he wanted, so it's from Brandon and I, and both sets of grandparents and Aunt Paulette!  A pretty big gift like this takes lots of help!  especially right before Christmas!!!
We know the dangers involved and will be extremely cautious.  We know too many people who have been injured on four-wheelers, motorcycles, etc..
What we're worried about is now little brother says he wants a dirt bike from Santa...
poor Santa better start looking for another job!

Friday, November 2, 2012

S is for SILLY

...and that's what we are!

a house full of silly, crazy, hilarious, chaotic, loving, laughing, wild EVERYTHING!!!
Here's hoping your house is a little less CRAZY and SILLY than ours :)
(ya know I love every second of it...shhh!)