Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A day with family!

Today Juliette, our niece came to spend the day with us while Aunt Michelle had some doctor appt's and we sure had some fun! A little playing outside, golfing at Academy and LOTS of FUN!!
It was a great day and it makes us wish they lived a little closer so we could have days like today more often!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Disney Cruise iPhone recap

On the trip when my big camera wasn't handy, I'd grab my phone and snap a few as always! So in a big jumbled order, here are the phone pics mostly from Key West, FL since I didn't bring my camera at all on that port stop! Some from Disney World riding Test Track, which was new and improved and much more fun than before! From Nemo & friends which is always one of our favorites! Lots from the ship of random things when my phone was right there to grab! Fun times and we're sure missing Mickey and friends this week....very hard to get back into reality of people not making our beds, cooking our foods and filling up my coffee! And it's very hard having my alarm just DING in my ear opposed to Mickey's wake up call each morning saying "Boy O Boy do we have some fun planned for today" why can't that all leave and come home with us??

Saturday, January 26, 2013

...and more!

 Every time you'd turn around, there was a character waiting to meet you!  There were parties EVERY night, some were themed like Pirate night where it was all things pirate, even the menu's!  Very cool!  Mickey rode on a zip line through the crowd during the Pirate party on deck followed by fireworks.  There was something about being out at sea and fireworks, surrounded by your family and the Disney characters that was SO magical!  sounds cheesy but so true.  The confetti falling and music always playing throughout the ship, there was never a dull moment!  Both of the boys enjoyed the huge water slide on the ship that landed in the pool shaped like Mickey Mouse!  Very cool!

Ah, having our beds turned down with chocolates and the itinerary for the next day...So nice!

We rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad several times...this was Justin's first, big roller coaster and he loved it.  I wish you could have seen his face!  So cute!  He said that was his favorite part of Disney World!

We spent a lot of time on Deck 10, Goofy's Wide World of Sports where we watched movies-see that big 'ol screen?  And played Foosball, basketball and ping pong!

For pirate night, every one dressed up...we mean EVERY ONE!  All of the characters too!  The waiters in the restaurants and they put on a live show before the big deck pirate party!

No pirate party is complete without Captain Hook!

See Mickey up there on the zip cool!  This is when the fireworks started :)

And the huge, finale Until We Meet Again party made you wanna get off the ship for 20min and then hop right back on board and go another 9 days!  We honestly had the best time ever!  Can't wait to go back and enjoy it again and wouldn't believe how many people/families that we met that had gone on all four Disney ships, to different destinations!  They are addicted and I think now, we might be too!

During each party, the music was going, confetti would fall, characters would come out and every body would dance!  It would get packed and we'd all get silly and crazy!!!  My two, favorite things!  I loved watching my boys get so excited to see all of the things at the port adventures and on the ship!

Our waiter Giuseppe from Italy and Kookie from Thailand.  They were WONDERFUL!!!  They wouldn't allow me to feed the boys, run out of coffee or water or stress for anything!  They did it all with each and every meal.  I wanted them to come home with me too :)  They would let the boys put napkins on their heads, make them cool things out of ketchup and were always making sure we were all happy!  AMAZING service- nobody does it quite like Disney!