Sunday, October 31, 2010

Call 9-1-1, Jacob is turning FOUR!

Thanks to ALL of Jacob's family and friends for such a memorable,
fantastic FOURTH Birthday, he'll NEVER forget :) We love you all! It took him a while to warm up to all of the excitement, but once he did-he was HAPPY!
Here come the FIREMEN!!! Sirens, lights and all!!

All of the yummy breakfast Mommy prepared for my friends and family!

Little brother wasn't too sure about this big 'ol truck,
but he decided to pose with the Birthday Boy!

Mommy was TRYING to keep all of the kiddos focused until the truck arrived!!

Yep, that's right...Daddy and Jacob took a ride in the firetruck!
All of our neighbors were outside taking pictures and waving as we passed by!!

Jacob discovering that firemen have flashlights on their helmets...
he thought that was AWESOME!

Jacob and his buddy, Luke. Hard to believe these two boys are four years old...
they started hanging out when they were only 18 months old!

Adeline, Jacob, Landon, Bella and Parker! FUN TIMES!!

Here's our attempt at getting ALL of the kiddos up front for a photo...
not the greatest, but we tried :)

Not only did they take a ride around in the firetruck, they were able to shoot the water hose....the firemen had cones lined up and the kids had to knock them down with the water!

Justin wasn't too sure about this...

Playing some b-ball with his buddies!

Present TIME! Woohooo, and he sure got some great gifts!!

and after the birthday boy blew out his "4" candle,
he took a big bite out of a kolache instead of the donut....Ha! Silly boy!
It's safe to say that this birthday boy was SO happy with his firetruck party!
He thanked Mommy and Daddy at least 100 times last night!
He said it was THE best birthday ever and he didn't want it to end :) So sweet!
Although party planning can be hectic and overwhelming at times, when I saw the SMILE on this boy's face as that firetruck pulled around the corner, all the stress went AWAY! Watching him enjoy himself THAT's a feeling like NO other! We love you sweet boy,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

a MUCH needed makeover

Yes, I wish this makeover was for ME, but instead it was for my dining room chairs...
they were in DESPERATE need!
After reading one of my favorite blogs, M.O.T.B and THIS post, I was motivated!
Our two boys sure know how to be rough on furniture, as you can see-ewww gross!!
AFTER: Yay!!! MUCH better! This was surprisingly easy and
As you can see from the BEFORE pic,
there's NO need in buying a new dining set until our two boys are grown!
Thank you, M.O.T.B!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

(almost) wordless wednesday....

Nothing like a BIG family trip to Space Center Houston...
and watching Jacob pretend he's flying a spaceship!

Monday, October 25, 2010

looking back...Halloween!


Oh how these boys have changed...
Jacob's FIRETRUCKS AND FIREMEN-themed 4th birthday party
is coming up this weekend,
so we're behind on Halloween things to do this year!
We STILL have to get some pumpkin patch pictures,
and STILL have to carve a pumpkin!!
and even with all these things to do...
I had to share those with YOU!

* Also, this month marks ONE FULL YEAR of blogging for The McClellen Family!
I am SO happy that I've met such great blogger friends throughout the year
and looks like I've hit over 200 followers-THANK YOU FOLLOWERS!!!!

If you haven't checked it out, my healthy living blog,
and I've posted a must-try lasagna HERE too!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

JACOB : #6,

I love to watch you play tball each Saturday!
You are TOO cute in your uniform!
You LOVE hitting the ball and running the bases!
Although YOU love being with your teammates each week,
you sure enjoy playing tball in the backyard with Daddy and Pop too!
You are going to be FOUR years old in two weeks
and I can't believe you're not my baby boy anymore...
wait...who am I kidding,
you'll ALWAYS be my baby boy!!

I love you "way up to the moon and back"!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Being featured in the Nest!

I am BEYOND excited to be featured in the Nestwork this week!
I have been following Mama Hen and her Little Chick
for a while now and just LOVE her precious posts and sweet comments!
The Nestwork is a great way to meet new bloggers,
so head on over and see what it's all about...AND tell her that McClellen Memories sent ya!
And if you're a new follower from the Nestwork, WELCOME!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


We were suppose to go to Festa Italiana (a huge, Italian festival) this weekend,
but Daddy was on call and had to work :(
SO, MeMe decided to go with family and bring us back
some Italian cookies and these T-SHIRTS!
These boys may be 25% Sicilian but that's ok,
it's enough to show some Italian Pride!!!
My Sicilian heritage is something I've always been proud of
and I want these boys to carry on the tradition too-
My grandma sure would have LOVED these pics!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just like Momma-at least for now!

with a silly Mommy like ME,
it was only a matter of time before these boys picked up a microphone
to sing along with Mommy
as she danced around the house to Usher!
(I love to sing and dance, no matter what I'm doing, what time of day...LOVE it!)
and I'm happy to say, we had a BLAST...
Jacob MOST OF THE TIME, tells me to "stop it,'re being silly" but for some reason, he was feelin' the music and decided to play along :)

who thought this $1.00 microphone could be SO much fun??!

ahhhh, LOVE these boys!
I'll take advantage of all these silly moments as long as they'll let me have them, because I know one day(probably soon) they'll be totally EMBARRASSED of Mommy and they'll wanna go out and do "guy things" with their Daddy,
so I'm soakin' it up as much as I can!!
These little tough guys sure know how to entertain Mommy too,
they were dancing like crazy to Justin Beiber, Usher, Black Eyed Peas and more...
I should have had it on video :( Daddy would have been so proud...Ha!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The McClellen's need your help!

I LOVE blogging because I meet SO many wonderful friends
like YOU and now we need your help?
We'd like to take these super sweet, hilarious BOYS somewhere FUN
for their Daddy's vacation time coming up very soon!
I always see all of your blogs and the pictures of places you've been are amazing,
they look absolutely beautiful and F-U-N...
I'd LOVE comments on where you all have been, favorite places
that you'd suggest for our family of FOUR!
Here's a few points...

1. We're from Texas and would probably be DRIVING anywhere we go,
because Momma McClellen(ME!) is terrified of flying!
2. We have a four year old and a 17 month old,
and we are there to PLEASE them first and foremost, so it MUST be kid-friendly!
3. It has to be F-U-N for Mommy and Daddy too!

**We have looked into a few places here in Texas and then Disney World as well, but we've been there several times and would LOVE to go back, but are looking for something different,
however Disney is DEFINITELY not out of the question??!

Your comments will be GREATLY appreciated!
I wish I had some fantastic giveaway for you for your suggestions, but I don't :(
all I can do is THANK YOU in advance :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

GUEST POST that I'm REALLY excited about!!

Yay! I am SO excited that today's the day!!!
I'm doing a guest post with Kim @ Chubby Cheeks Thinks for this wonderful,
Healthy Families, Happy Kids event taking place NOW!

* I have a passion for helping people find ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this is why I became a P.E/Health teacher in the first place!!
Struggling with weight MOST of my life, I want to make sure that children understand the
importance of exercise and healthy eating at the yougest age possible.
I LOVE staying at home with my boys, but missed helping others
find a healthy way of life, therefore I created
Lets Move It Mommas, to be a support system for those that need it most!
On that blog, I share recipes, workout tips, motivation and MORE...
check it out if you get a chance and thanks again to Kim,
I am truly grateful to help in this event, it means SO much to me!

Go HERE to check out my guest post!!
and if you're a new follower from the event...THANK YOU and WELCOME :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I kept thinking that Justin(our youngest) was SO much bigger than his big bro, Jacob at this age! Boy, was I wrong! After finding the stats, at 17months Jacob was wearing a bigger shoe, but other than that...both in 2T!!! Yes, you read that correctly-
2T at 17months!!
These brothers might be in the same size clothes at the same age,
but let me tell you, they are SO DIFFERENT!
Jacob, even at 17 months was soooo different from baby brother, Justin!
For instance...
Justin: a sweet, cuddler that will give hugs like CRAZY!
Jacob: won't let you hold him for more than 4 seconds!
Justin: TOTAL picky eater...can't trick him into eating anything thats even somewhat healthy Jacob: He eats from all the food groups, will try new things, and LOVES healthy food!
Justin: SLEEPS all the time...would sleep the day away if you'd allow it!
Jacob: NEVER SLEEPS...he won't stop until the house is silent and then once he doesn't think he's missing out on anything else-he'll CRASH!
Justin: NEVER meets a stranger-total PEOPLE person and LOVES to talk and be social
(like his Momma!)
Jacob: hides behind Momma when people talk to him, does NOT like to be the center of attention, does not like ANY attention
(like his Daddy!)
Justin: baby blue eyes-like Daddy
Jacob: brown eyes-like Mommy
They may be different, but one thing is for sure...
**and now, time for a fun GAME of guess who??!
(both boys at 17 months)


Like that was really tough, right?! ...these boys really don't look much like brothers :(
but that's ok, they sure LOVE each other, WE LOVE THEM and that's ALL that matters!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happiness is...

a new toy??! Christmas 2007

I LOVE watching how excited my boys get over the "smallest" things!
The happiness that these little things bring to them, and how I wish
adults could find that same pleasure in the "small" stuff!
My boys teach me EVERY day to find
happiness in ways I never thought possible!!

or a not-so-new toy?!

Jacob got this train from "Santa" in 2007,
and Daddy decided to get it out for Justin last night!
Needless to say, he LOVED it!
He was laughing and gasping for air as the train went around and around the living room!
Almost the exact same reaction from Jacob
when he walked out to find that same train Christmas morning!
So, for me Happiness is watching these boys SMILE
and ENJOY life each and every day, even if that happiness comes on a
Little Tikes train(that's really loud and takes up a lot of space!!)
Makes me realize that freaking out over "nothing" isn't worth my time AT ALL!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oil Ranch: Part 2

In the middle of ALL of the fun, Mommy broke her sunglasses...ha!

Justin's first pony ride :)
He LOVED it, of course!

Justin was putting his hands IN this pig's mouth-Ha!

I loved looking back at Daddy and Justin walking around this sweet!

YEP, those are 100% REAL pumpkins...huge, huh? I tried to get a cute pic of the boys, but the sun was in their face, so they kept saying "cheese" with their heads DOWN! Ha!

and to end the day, the boys were able to pick out a pumpkin of their very own!
SUPER fun trip! It was perfect weather, all decorated for Fall and a great way to make memories as a family! We're already talking about going back,
so I guess this will be something we'll have to alternate with Bass Pro Shops...Ha!

**If you'd like to see PART 1 of our trip,