Wednesday, October 31, 2012


As you can see, my adorable cousin ended up WINNING the BIEBER tickets!!!!  Woohoo!

The concert was last night and it was awesome!  
I found myself screaming and singing all of the songs right along with Bella!  
We each had at least 50 glow bracelets and necklaces!  Some cool glow wands that we waved in the concert too!  
Bella and I had a blast coming up with funny dances to go along with the songs and screaming with the rest of his crazed fans!  I need a daughter to do things like this with...SO.MUCH.FUN and reminded me of when I'd wait hours and hours for NKOTB and I was hysterical when they'd finally burst onto the stage!!  I'm such a groupie!!!  

They showed footage when Justin was just a little toddler, playing the drums and singing while he brushed his teeth, I just think it's precious that he's living the dream!  He kept thanking fans over and over again since they're the reason he's where he is today!
Yea he may dress silly and have a big ego, but wouldn't we all?  I love that kid and had a blast jamming out to "as long as you love me" and singing as loud as we possibly could!  LOL!!  One of the mom's in front of us kept saying she was such a closet Bieber fan and so was her hubby!  Hilarious!  See, we all can't get those catchy lyrics and beats out of our heads!

and hope it'll be a night you'll never forget!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

proud Momma and WE GOT BOOED!!

This past weekend was my son's school carnival and fun run!  I was on the fun run committee and I was very pleased with how everything turned out!  I was a super proud wife and Momma of these two...

 Brandon placed 4th in his age group at a 7:41 avg pace!  GO BRANDON!!!  And Jake ran a 10 minute mile for the 1 mile race!  He placed 6th in his age group, however there were a few invalid results which probably put him more like 3rd or 4th place :)  I'm VERY proud of both of these guys...running hard and staying healthy!!!  There was a pretty big turn out and I think all of the kids and adults had a great time!

Now that both of my boys are well, after being struck with the yucky fever bug, 
we had a knock at our door but nobody was there!!!  WE GOT BOOED!!!!!!  
How cute is THIS??  The boys thought it was an early Christmas over these little things!
They were screaming and yelling, who gave this to us?  How'd we get this?  Is all this cool stuff for US??
 LOL hilarious!

Now it's our turn to pass this on to some lucky prepared guys, it just might come to YOU!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

we've got one down...

It's not little man...

...and it's not Molly!  
Although she's probably regretting becoming a member of our family...our house is non-stop action, so I'm sure she's asking herself-Do these people EVER calm down and just chill??

Sometimes when my boys turn into Green Lantern, Batman and Iron Man, 
she gets to play dress up with these boys...

so, here's SUPER HERO MOLLY :)

And don't forget Ho, Ho, Ho Huntin' SANTA MOLLY :)

That only leaves Jake, our poor man is down with fever and has been for a few days now.  
Hoping he's all better soon, he misses all of his friends at school 
and Mommy is ready to get out of her pj's! I hope my poor guy is better soon, I just hate when they're sick and nothing we can do makes them better.  

Monday, October 22, 2012

random pics from the week!

As usual, lots of fishing!  Seriously this fish is as big as he is!  
He was screaming and jumping up and down and almost lost the fish from excitement!!!  

Jake looks like a deer-in-headlights because his fish jumped at him while we were trying to take a pic...hahaha!  hilarious!  He caught this big one right after Justin, so needless to say they were pumped up and running around SO proud of themselves!!  quite the fishermen!!!

Meet Molly :)
 She's our 9 month old newest family member as of this evening!  After much discussion and the boys BEGGING, we've decided to "adopt her" from our cousins.  
She's a yellow lab, much like Dixie-our yellow lab that is living back with my Mom because of her age (she's 10) and her closeness to my mom's dog...they couldn't part from each other, so this left our home dogless :( and although a pup is a lot of responsibility, Molly is too beautiful to pass up!  She's potty trained, kennel trained, knows her commands and is a super sweet dog!  

Most importantly, she has the energy to keep up with our family and loves to be outside like two boys that I know :) so while my cousin and her husband begin a new chapter in their lives by moving to Japan this week-He's in the Navy and that's where they will be stationed., we will be extending our family and our home to Molly

and randomly, the famous McClellen goggles!
They are all around my house and of course, we haven't gone swimming in quite a while!
Not sure why the boys love to play with them ??
and not sure why they've ended up on our golf cart Halloween decor-Mr. Skeleton? 

and now there they are on Justin!  
He says these goggles make him a tough guy!  LOL, whatever you say!!
These dollar store goggles have entertained these guys FAR too much lately!!!  sad but true!

Friday, October 19, 2012

a family I'd like you to meet

One of my best friends, Ashlyn introduced me to Jenn Butler years ago and I knew immediately she was an amazing person!  She's a beautiful and sweet girl who loves to laugh, loves her family, she's a fabulous friend and Mother to all who know her...Jenn's life changed drastically after her husband's diagnosis in 2010, 

"Josh Butler was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease on November 11, 2010. Josh is married to a wonderful woman named Jennifer Butler and they have two beautiful children, Jeran and Jaylee. ALS is a debilitating and progressive disease without a cure. Josh has maintained his faith in God and desires nothing more than to trust in God’s plan for his life and to care for his family. Josh’s diagnosis came as a shock to him and his beautiful family."

 My uncle passed away from ALS when I was only 12 years old.  I remember it like it was yesterday...he was the "fun one".  He'd play and wrestle with all of us kids for hours.  He played the drums and we all thought he was beyond COOL!  He'd laugh with us and anytime he was around, it was FUN!  When he was diagnosed, I remember him progressing downward quickly.  He went from being able to laugh and run with us to being confined to a wheelchair barely able to talk.  I thought nothing could happen to him, like he was invincible or something and to see him so helpless, well...I still have trouble talking about it to this day.  

With medical bills piling up and working on one income, we want to support the Butler family as a community and as 
their friends and family. Josh is an amazing man whose faith in God has only grown since diagnosed with ALS. 

will be starting a Scentsy fundraiser with proceeds going to the Butler family. 

“Our lives here are but an incubation period for our destiny into how we will spend our eternity. Because in the end of our lives on Earth, we can only have one true regret, and that is not
acknowledging Him as our Lord and Savior before our time is up. We have no idea when our time will be up. So start today, and enjoy the only certainty in this life. The certainty of His love
for us. I want to leave you with a verse from Proverbs 3:6. "In all of your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." 

His blog is worth reading, very powerful.  Josh Butler (

To access the Josh Butler
Fundraiser, PLEASE visit:
and click on “Josh Butler

Friends of the Butler Family have also set up a donation page to help their family online,
If there is any way you can help this family, even it's by simply helping to spread the word, it would be more than appreciated.  They are such beautiful people and we want to make their lives as easy as possible so that they may focus on spending time together and raising their beautiful children, Jeran and Jaylee.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012


We went to Jellystone-Lone Star Yogi, our favorite place!  
They have super fun Halloween festivities and we did not want to miss out!  

My husband's best friend since childhood and his family were there and some other friends too!
There was a pretty big group of us so there was never a dull moment and it was LOTS of spooky fun! 

We've become great friends with The Lucas Family so of course the boys had a blast together :)  

...and this is what I get when I ask the boys to smile for a picture after they did the slide!  
Yea, swimming in October-kinda crazy but the temperature was 89!  They heat the pools for this Halloween event but obviously that wasn't needed!  LOL!

Have you ever met Captain America and HULK?? 
Neither of these boys would wear their masks, but ya get the idea!

The campsites go NUTS with decorations!  We thought we had quite a bit, but turns out we had NOTHING!  These people spend hours setting up their site with music, fog, strobe lights, goblins and ghosts...some of these were really cool!!  At dark, all of the kids go's one of the coolest sites we saw,

The mom's took the kids trick or treating while the Dad's stayed behind to pass out candy :) at least that's how we did it!  This picture makes me laugh because the kiddos in the background look like they want SO badly to be in this pic, if I would have paid attention, I would have called them over.

Goofy boys :)

all of these skeleton's below looked pretty tough but then all of a sudden they stopped, the music turned up and they all broke into dance, we were all laughing and yelling for them!  They started with Gangnam Star then it was Wobble and The Soulja Boy-it was an entire family, kids-grandkids-all of them dancing!!!  It was awesome!!!  

Our superhero pumpkin!  
Pretty good for a butter knife, eh??

Monday, October 8, 2012

a few of my favorite things...

My husband...
 He is the best thing that ever happened to me.  We have THE best times together!  He makes me laugh.  Although he's shy around most people, we get to see the best of him right here at home :)  

Our boys...
 They are hilarious!  They are sweet and 110% boy!  They love to be outside, no matter how hot/cold/sunny/rainy/cloudy...doesn't matter-they LOVE it!
Jake looks like Mommy with Daddy's personality.  He may be reserved in public, but NOT at home!
Justin looks like Daddy's twin but has Mommy's goofy, outgoing personality!

Watching my boys play baseball...

 We started Jake at age 3, and although it's really early and they're so young-they have a BLAST out there!  Now it's Justin's turn to start tball and their first game was actually really good!  We have some good hitters on our team and you'll be crying from laughing so hard at this little man!  He loves to show off, was the only boy with his hat on backwards and was waving at the stands the entire time!  He made a play at first and started jumping up and down, he missed a ball and when his teammate grabbed it first, Justin cried!  HILARIOUS!  He's a switch hitter too!  Mostly a lefty, but he bats right-handed too!  Can't wait to share more pics!  They both take after their Daddy and love baseball, and Daddy loves playing baseball with them in the backyard, reminds him and I of when we were kids!

time with our huge, Italian family...
There's nothing like having a close family and when all of these cousins get together, it's TOO much fun!  We were together over the weekend for cousin, Greyson's b-day at Main Event and they had a great time bowling and playing laser tag!  My cousins and I grew up so close to one another, so it's fun watching our own children doing the same :)

What are some of your favorite things??

**Please don't forget that my cousin ISABELLA is trying to win Justin Bieber tickets through Facebook and her orthodontist office, she made a CUTE video to the song "Boyfriend" and there's a girl competing with her and they're less than 10 "likes" apart!  PLEASE HELP by clicking the following link,
Make sure it was posted by Angela Blaylock and it's Isabella...not the other girl!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

please "LIKE"...we need your help!!

UPDATE:  She's only leading by less than 10 "likes"...
contest ends Oct 14th

Meet Justin Bieber,

Meet my cousin, Bella!

My cousin, Bella (she's in 3rd grade) has entered a Justin Bieber contest through her orthodontist office where she could win 2 Bieber tickets to his show at the end of October!  

How she wins:
It's all about the "likes" on Facebook and since I do not have a Facebook account, 

Here's Bella and I!  She's a sweetheart!  Her and I have the best time together, she's like the daughter I'll never have :)  
SO please help us because I think she might take me with her to the concert...
and I'm totally a Bieber fan too!!  I used to wear NKOTB buttons and was their biggest fan, so you can guarantee I'll be all dressed up for this one too!  

Please "like" and pass the link to ANYBODY else that you think will help!  
She's competing with other children so we need LOTS more!!!  

Thanks in advance for helping my Bella!!

Here's the link:
Below the video it should say Isabella likes Space Center Orthodontics

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

in the evenings...

We're finally letting the boys take over driving the golf cart with EXTREME supervision (meaning they get to steer in our laps)  Ha!  It's lots of fun and the boys think they're sooo cool!  

Did you know Incredible HULK lives in our house now?? does Thor, we just don't have a pic of him yet!  Would ya look at those muscles!!
These boys are our very own superheroes...they protect us and make us SO happy :)

our little pro golfer!  
This boy loves being outside, as I've said a thousand times before!  But along with lots of basketball, baseball and football playing. Bike riding, scooter trickin', fish catchin', he LOVES golf! 

Look at this action shot!  Not bad for an iPhone!  FORE!!!!

and my two, handsome boys!  
I love these kiddos more than life itself!  The only man missing is Daddy! The weather has been GREAT here so we ate dinner outside last night, went and hit a few golf balls and played a 2 on 1 game of basketball...and of course the boys WON!!
With big man in school every day, we gotta cram our fun into each evening!