Sunday, January 31, 2010


Soccer Tots!
So, yesterday was our very first soccer class WOOHOOOO!

Parker and Jacob showing off after class...these two were hilarious! They walked straight in, went to a soccer ball, and started to PLAY! This was wonderful to me because I was So worried that Jacob would freeze up, not walk in, and just stand there with Mommy and Daddy. But thankfully, that did not happen...whew, what a relief! and HE DID GREAT!
Playing parachute! Seriously in SHOCK that both of them followed directions the whole time! Not that they are not well-behaved, but Jacob likes to not-follow-directions a lot of times when it's Mommy giving them, does that happen to anyone else?

stretching with the coach. I almost fell on the floor when I saw Jacob doing this alongside his coach! HILARIOUS! He was SO focused and kept waving at Daddy and I just to make sure we were watching! Loved it....and do you see who is sitting right by Coach Aaron? That would be my son, he followed him around the whole practice!

working on the cone drill...this was fun to watch! They had to use only their feet, knock down the cone and then try to pick it back up with NO HANDS! I'm telling you, Jacob was determined! So cute! do you see how focused?

Setting up the ball to make a GOAL! He and Parker kept lining the ball up, kicking it in and then they'd yell out, "GOAL" was highly entertaining for us to sit back and watch!

Thank goodness! he enjoyed himself, he had fun, he was active and LOVED every second of it. It just made my day knowing how much fun he had. We got him loaded up into the car and the first thing he said was, "When do we go back to soccer?"...gotta love hearing that! I'm telling you, I was seriously WORRIED this would not go well and we are so happy that it did! GOOD JOB Jacob on your very, first soccer practice! You and Parker did a fantastic job!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Momma, You're Silly"

"Momma, you're silly", is what I hear each time I try and get Jacob to smile! If you could hear the goofy noises I make while trying to get these boys to smile cute for a picture! It's pretty embarrassing! For some reason, the more ridiculous I act, the more little Justin will start cracking up, and Jacob looks at me like I'm a total FOOL... Look at this sweet boy and his Momma! If you didn't know better, you'd think he was a true Momma's boy...but since I know better, he's showin' Momma some love because Daddy is still at work!
That smile is priceless! In the picture you can't see, but Justin is smiling so big because he finally was able to wiggle over and grab a toy of Jacob's! Ahhh, VICTORY!

And this would be the face Jacob makes when he's begging me to stop being silly! I keep telling him he better get used to it, because his Momma is SILLY!
Man, I love these boys more than words...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

feelin' crafty

Okay, so I saw these for sale for $45.00 and since I'm sort of cheap...I thought to myself, I am not paying that much for them, so I made my own! Sort of kept my mind off things and it was FUN. Jacob even helped me put the glaze on them to make them Bling! Ha! I was trying them out, so I have to go get more necklace clasps, but I think these will look super cute with all of my black and white outfits! I also made some purple ones, sage green ones too! I cannot figure out how all these Etsy shoppers take fabulous pictures of their "stuff", so this is the best I've got but wait 'til ya see them in person! GO ME!


Yep, we have been New Orleans Saints fans for quite a while now...

Reason #1: Houston Texans aren't fun to support! Ha!
(even though I was born here and have always lived around here...)

Reason #2: Lots of our Italian family lives in New Orleans -we love visiting that city as much as possible to see our family and enjoy the delicious FOOD! Oh and cheer on the Saints...

Last year when we were there, we must have searched every store in the city to find Jacob a Reggie Bush, Saints jersey...after three days of searching, we found it and I'll have to post a pic of him sporting the jersey very soon! He wore it all day yesterday in honor of their VICTORY!

But the exciting news is that they are headed to the SuperBowl for the first time EVER!


Monday, January 25, 2010


I know you'll never be able to see this, but I want you to know that I love you with all of my heart. Almost every memory of me as a child has you in it. You took care of me when my mother couldn't be there, you helped us through my parents divorce. Although you are not doing well right now, I am so thankful that you had a opportunity to know and love Brandon and my two sons. Jacob talks about his, Bonka all of the time. He loves going to your house to play and get out your stool and sit right next to YOU. I love watching the two of you when he gives you eskimo precious. You have been there through all of my ups and downs, no matter what. I hated when the day would come where you got sick, were in pain and I had to watch you suffer. Watching you lay there yesterday made my entire body ache. You were so lifeless and helpless. So hard for a granddaughter to watch. I wish there was something i could do to make you feel better, something, anything. But there isn't. All I can do is pray and know that you will either overcome all of these issues or you will go be with PawPaw, your mom and dad and your brothers and sisters. I want to be so selfish right now and keep you here with me. Is there a terrible way to be? I can't help it. I want my boys to be with there Bonka longer, I am not ready for this. Please be strong and get through this. You have lived with congestive heart failure for a long time now, You were my inspiration to go out and work with patients who had heart attacks, only because I thought in some way, me helping others could help you overcome this disease. But this is all too real right now. I am so thankful for all of our memories I will keep with me forever...and the time I have had with YOU. All these years and you are such an incredible, inspiring woman. I love you always, Bonka. Be strong and pull out of this, please.

This is you holding Jacob on his first Easter, 2007.

This was at the St. Joseph Altar in 2009. When your health was better, you worked with all of your friends in making this special each and every year. For those that don't know, St. Joseph is an Italian/Catholic tradition. Glad we could all be there together this year.

You holding Justin. I love this, because this is the ONLY picture I have as of now of you holding our youngest son. Although he is small, we will show these pictures to him and tell him stories about the wonderful, Bonka he has. LOVE YOU ALWAYS. Please pull through this and be strong, Bonka. PLEASE.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gettin' his grub on!

Oh yea, that's our boy! He loves him some pancakes! Today he had pancakes and eggs...YUM! If Mommy didn't give it to him fast enough, he was reaching, attempting to fall out of the Bumbo for some more! That's dedication.
My boy is getting TOO big, is there such a thing? He likes eating out of my hand...he does not like me feeding him. ?? I struggle with being 30 and I now struggle with letting my 8 month old grow up! What is wrong with me?? But I must admit, he looks super cute feeding himself, RIGHT?

Full Belly= Happy Boy Ahhhh, Mission Accomplished: BELLY IS FULL!!!
Check out that belly pokin' out! LOVE IT!
Love you sweet boy! Those eyes, that smile, that EVERYTHING...we love you SO much!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

reflections on the Big 30!

Okay, so tomorrow I will be 30. Some say this is no big deal, however I think it's HUGE. I'd like to go back to the days where birthdays were fun. I am definately a proud wife and mother and blessed to be where we are today! Love being at home with my boys, LOVE having a husband that I love more than life itself. But on the down side, what is fun about being 30? All I hear are people talking about how they can't remember if they're 32, 35,'s because once you're 30, they all get mixed up! Right?? Okay, I guess I will go count my soon-to-be grey hairs, and I'll start taking my calcium supplement, so osteoporosis doesn't set in TOMORROW! Hahahaha, seriously not the end of the world, but I'd rather be celebrating another 29!
Happy 30th Birthday to ME!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


This is our group of volunteers. January 13, 2010 headed out to the site to see the house for the first time. For those of you who have spoken to me on the phone, you know that this experience was SO different that what we all expected...SO DIFFERENT. But we didn't know that yet...
Walking up to the house on Jan.13th, this is what we saw. Almost done, or so you think. ?? There were camera crews everywhere, people handing out snacks/water to volunteers. We had to have the hard hats on at ALL TIMES and the t-shirt. More for those of you who don't live right around here. This was taking place right up the road from our house, so it was an opportunity we'd never have again.

The Crooked House. First time I saw these was on John and Kate Plus 8, remember? They had like ten of them at their new house?? Anyway, this one is pretty neat too. I kept wanting to walk inside, but thought that wouldn't be right while others were working SO hard and I was taking a tour of the playground equip! Ha!

Jessica Alba...the celebrity of this episode. I'll let you be the she working hard up there or what??? Ha.

Designer Paul giving someone instructions....LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

Jessica and Paul during a scene at the garage. She was working very hard trying to get this house ready in you see the determination on her face?

This WAS my favorite designer, Tracy. I watched her all the time, because she seems so caring and hard-working on TV. Well, I saw her three or four times, this close up, even once I walked right past her while I was working in the house and she was sitting on the floor in living room, she never acknowledged anyone, or at least while we were around. Sad, but true.
Designer Michael was a bit more friendly. He paused for a sec. for me to take this picture of him....better than nothing, right?

Filming the scene where the bust open the back of the truck, everyone screams, and they pull new furniture out from Gallery Furniture(a local fav.!) I think they filmed this scene six a row.

So, this was the house on Thursday, January 14, 2010. They were filming scenes constantly. So, everyone wants to know our overall experience and I must say, I was not thrilled. We were VERY excited when we heard about being able to be there, my cousin took off work, we were pumped! Then, you get there, hundreds of volunteers(which is amazing for our community and how great they are), stress is all around, inside the house was a bit more settled, we worked hard and helped where needed. My favorite job was helping lay the brick/concrete for the walkway leading to the family front door. We also removed tags from all new furniture, appliances, decide if that was a fun job or not? Ha! As far as details about the house inside, we are not suppose to be talking because this show will not air until March 2010. BUT, over the phone we can work something out! Ha! Don't get me wrong, I think what they do for families in need is by far, the most amazing thing on the planet! However, I had a different vision of what this would all look like. I know Hollywood will be Hollywood, but I just didn't picture it at all like what it was. Makes me question all of my favorite shows now. I am very excited for this family, because this home does have everything they will need for their children, EVERYTHING! And we were still happy to be a part of something that would help a family so deserving. I can't keep saying, it was just DIFFERENT.
But here's to Extreme Makeover, Home Edition 2010!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy 5 Years, Baby!

Today is our 5 Year Anniversary! So, here's to five, fabulous, beautiful, amazing years. It was today, five years ago that we said "I DO" to our lives together, then and forever. I could not have asked for a more perfect soulmate. He is my best friend through the ups and downs, watching him with our two boys melts my heart, he is the strength in our marriage that holds us together when times are tough...he is my everything.'s to the rest of our lives together!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Much, much more to come....very soon! Tomorrow is the official "MOVE THAT BUS" day for Extreme Makeover Home Edition that is taking place right by our house. I was given the opportunity to help volunteer both today and tomorrow, for the big reveal to the family. This family is very deserving and can't wait to see them when they set their eyes on their new home! This is nothing like I imagined it would be from watching on TV, but then again what is. ?? It's TONS of people, doing 100's of jobs all at once....organized chaos is the best to describe it. I have some pictures but I will post all of them tomorrow once we get home. I must say, I used to watch this show faithfully, every single week but it made me cry most of the time so hysterically that it freaked out my husband and children, SO we've watched a little less but it is getting me back in the "move that bus" spirit!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


When Jacob woke up this morning, his first words outta bed were, "BOOM BOOM POW, Momma!"...translation: go turn on the computer, go to itunes and let me hear Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas, Please!"
The answer is Yes, I let my child listen to pop/hip-hop music and he loves it! When we're in the car he tells me to turn it up, so how can I resist???
So, this morning before Mother's Day Out, we cranked it up and had F-U-N! I tried to catch it on video but he freezes up when he knows I'm filming.(total opposite of his Momma!). So, the best I got were these two shots that I snapped while he and I were dancin'! Little does he know, we're getting him tickets to see them at the Houston Rodeo...shhh, it's a surprise!

Friday, January 8, 2010

8 months already?

8 months already? Just by lookin' at that smile, you can tell he's the happiest baby in the world. Right? Let's see what you're doing these days at 8 months, little man. You LOVE to eat and some of your fav's are, anything with bananas, MumMum crackers(I think you're addicted!), animal cookies, apples, even though it sounds gross as a mashed up baby food-mac and cheese, and F-O-R-M-U-L-A-you can't get enough of that stuff! You just adore your big brother, but as of right now he doesn't want much to do with you unless it's splashin' with ya at bathtime-you boys love bathtime sweet! He says you drool too much but that's because you have SEVEN teeth! Yes, that's right! SEVEN. For Christmas, you opened up to give us a sweet grin and there they were. You weight 20lbs., which is more than you're brother weighed at the time but it's ALL muscle sweet guy! No worries! You can't get the hang of crawling, you'd rather roll all over the house and chase your brother and HIS toys-yea, you like Jacob's toys much more and I think it's because he doesn't want you to have them, that make you want them that much more! Ha! You love to tell us "Bye Bye", yep those were your first words and you sound SO precious saying them over and over when you wake up in the morning. Uh, did I say morning? Because you actually like to sleep 'til almost afternoon! You are THE best sleeper. You sleep from 7:30pm until around 9:30am! YIKES! What can I say, you love to sleep! And bless you, because you sleep through Jacob tearin' through the house and makin' all sorts of noises! LOVE IT. and you're a cuddler, which is why I can hold you for hours without putting you down. Oh and you giggle at the simplest things and to listen to the sound of your happiness, makes every one around you smile.
Who do you look like at 8 months? Well, it's sure NOT mommy. But that's okay, I think you're a good mix of Daddy and his side of the family. And those blue eyes? Never seen anything like 'em. They are gorgeous and you are SO handsome. Everyone talks about those eyes and I tell them you'll be free to start dating when you're 40! Ha! Did I mention you're a true Momma's Boy and I LOVE IT. You see me and you reach out for me...and it melts my heart each time. Thank you for making our family of four SO special and unique. The love Mommy has for you and Jacob has no words. Love you Always.
guess I gotta start planning the 1st birthday...yikes!

Hook 'Em Horns! (better luck next year guys!)

Yes, it is true that both Brandon and I graduated from SHSU, but we have become huge Longhorn fans thanks to Pop! As you can see, Jacob has even learned how to Hook 'Em! We were excited all day, and the game was off to a great start when Colt seemed to have hurt his shoulder(Ughhh) and he was OUT. The Horns came back and fought hard but it just wasn't enough for a championship this year! Oh well, I can say I wasn't looking forward to facing the FREEZING weather to go to Academy at midnight if they won, so that was good!
We still had a good time with MeMe, DeDe and Pop...thanks for coming over and helping us cheer on the Horns! Jacob didn't care if they won or lost, he just cared that he was able to stay up until 11:30 when the game finally came to an end! Ha!

Monday, January 4, 2010

All Bundled Up!

Bundled Up and ready to play outside with big brother...isn't this the sweetest little hat? It's from Bass Pro Shops and has little bear ears attached to it! Perfect for this sweet, little boy! Nevermind the fact that it took Momma about 30 minutes just to get both boys bundled and ready to play outside, once I'd get Justin ready to go, he'd pull off his shoes(he's really quick!) and throw them to Jacob, then Jacob would run in circles laughing about Justin pulling the shoes off and this cycle repeated itself over and over...for 30minutes! CRACKS ME UP!
Notice the "once was a" sandbox lid in the backgroud of this pic! See it? This cute sandbox USED to be full of sand until our little man decided to dump all of the sand in the grass...and the little sand that was left as of today, is now GONE! Thanks Jake! He's our handy man!! But hey, he had fun while doing it, so who cares? You've gotta respect how his little mind works-it's fascinating sometimes!

Justin enjoying watching his brother dump the sand and each time Jacob would come running up to tell us that he dumped more sand, Justin would giggle and start bouncing up and down in his little Jump N Go! This little man wants Jacob's attention all day long and big bro, Jacob is getting better at making Justin feel special! NO matter how cold it is outside, watching these two boys play and just be boys makes their Momma happier than words can say!
the weather reports's only gettin' colder around here so, BUNDLE UP and STAY WARM! Maybe we'll get more snow???

Sunday, January 3, 2010

3...2...1...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sweet boy fixing to be eight months old...yes, I said EIGHT months already! Can't believe this sweet, little man has come into our lives and been in our lives for almost a year. Can't imagine life without him! Getting kisses from him each day and watching him giggle at the simplest of things, makes life that much better! Thanks for making our family of FOUR super special, Justin!
Teasing the dogs at MeMe's house with his cookie! Can these dogs look any more pathetic? Jacob teases them constantly and when Jacob leaves, they both hit the couch and want R.E.S.T!

Our sweet girl, Dixie. Yes, she does live with MeMe but she's still our baby girl. She was Brandon's birthday present in 2002 as a puppy and technically, she is our first child. She was born on August 8, 2002. She is s.p.o.i.l.e.d and did everything with Brandon and I for years! Best memories: taking her to the dog park in The Woodlands, late night trips to TCBY at SHSU only to order a doggie cup of ice cream, and many many more! Even though she lives with MeMe, she's still a McClellen! She wants NOTHING to do with Jacob and Justin by the way!

Justin with his MeMe! HAPPY BOY celebrating the New Year! I am not lying when I say this kid looks this happy 24/7!! LOVE IT!

Jacob holding his very, first sparkler! Yes, most parents out there are probably saying, why in the world would you give a three-year-old a sparkler...but truth is, HE LOVED IT! Didn't wanna put them down and probably did 15 of them in a row! If it keeps him busy AND happy...GO FOR IT!

We decided to go to Cousin, Angie's for New Year's Eve. Most of the cousins were together and we able to play while all the parents visited. Why is that SO great? I mean, it's wonderful to spend time with your children, but there is ALSO something so special about visiting with family while all the children play upstairs...right? RIGHT! Oh, nevermind the fact that Jacob and Brody(cousin on left) were wrestling like they were UFC fighters the entire night, right? RIGHT!
Happy New Year 2010!
2009 was a fabulous year for our family and we look forward to what 2010 will bring!
Here's to making MANY memories this year!!