Monday, October 21, 2013

Bass Pro Halloween!

Yea! No place better than Bass Pro Shops...especially for some early trick or treating! 

This police officer had the whole place laughing!!! He def slipped into character ;)


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fun days...

Still love our evening golf cart rides through the neighborhood! 


Early release day?! Go to Main Event for laser tag, of course!!!!

Blake's 5th birthday party at Froberg Farm! SO much fun!!!

Our family of four ;) 

Me & my girls!!!! Been friends with these girls for most of my life! SO happy that our children are making memories these days ;) 

Happy Birthday Blake

Monday, October 14, 2013

Our camping trip back to Canyon Lake!
A fun day in Gruene...

Finding trails and deer tracks...

They loved MeMe being there ;) 

The BIG jumping pillow!!! SO fun! Ya know I did it too!

FUN at Texas Ski Ranch!! Such a neat place...

Watching the guys wakeboard on the cable!

One of our fav parts of Canyon Lake...all of the deer! 
Eating all the deer corn the kids threw out! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Looking back on the past weeks...through my iPhone!

Hulk has been eating his protein as you can clearly see...
Justin has been spending a lot of time with this guy! His best bud, Hudson!
Oh these boys! My heart melts thinking about how quickly they've grown into handsome fellas ;) 
Church with Hudson last week! They did so good while big brothers had Faith Formation 

All the kiddos after church...
Justin had picture day at school! 
We had lunch last week with these boys! They have grown up so much this year 
I'm making progress on my weight loss and pushing other women in my community to do the same...
I had the first day of running club at my sons school today! I'm the new coach but LOVE helping the kids get EXCITED about healthy living and RUNNING ;) these boys were so happy this morning! 
BOOM! Look at these women making the commitment to their health!!! SO amazed by their determination! They are strong and beautiful...and we will conquer all of our goals TOGETHER! 
See my sweaty self smiling? I was SO proud & happy to sweat with them today!
If you're interested in a four week challenge to a healthier you, check out my Lets Move It Momma's blog, http://www.letsmoveitmommas.blogspot.con