Wednesday, September 29, 2010

and he's back!

Thanks to ALL of you for the kind words for Jacob while he was recovering
from his sinus infection, ear infection AND fever :(
I am happy to report that he is 100% better and FULL OF ENERGY! He spent all day yesterday resting ( OR running through the house chasing his baby brother!) ...and today we took a trip to Galveston to walk on the Strand and
enjoy this GORGEOUS fall weather we've had here the past few days!
We try to make the best of the days when Daddy is off of work, so we treated today like a weekend and had some F-U-N! Thanks to all of my blog friends again for thinking of our little man while he wasn't feeling his best, it is MUCH appreciated :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Poor Jake!

He may not look like it in this pic, but he's been SICK :(
Woke up at 5am yesterday running 103 fever, had the chills and was sweating.
Took him to the doctor to find that he has a double ear infection AND a sinus infection...
Bless his Heart.
He has been a trooper and last night, although his fever started to spike again, he had a good attitude and was cuddlin' up with his Momma and Daddy ALL NIGHT!
He must REALLY be feeling bad, because NOTHING stops this kid!
He's full of energy 24 hours a day, non-stop! So, when you see him sick, it's SO sad.
*I'm off to make my little man pancakes and eggs-his favorite breakfast will hopefully cheer him up and get him feeling better soon!
(oh and that pic is adorable, right? He was dressing up in his fireman outfit,
gearing up for his FIREMAN birthday party that's just around the corner-
can't believe he will be FOUR YEARS OLD in a month?!)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

the beginning of FALL in Texas...

It goes something like this:
a few days at the park...

and we sure had FUN, however
we MUST result back to the's just TOO HOT!

Yep, they are swimming in their clothes, but WHO CARES?! We were all so sweaty after our bike ride and trip to the park yesterday that we had NO choice, but to swim in our clothes (Yep, Mommy got in too!) and cool off! Not so sure about Fall weather in Texas, but here's hoping the cooler weather gets here soon?!
Today's not so bad because we'll be watching
Houston Texans football ...INDOORS!

** I have a guest post and a fabulous, HEALTHY recipe at Let's Move It Momma's from Laura @ The Gruneisen Family should go check it out! It looks delicious and she took a not-so-healthy recipe and gave it a makeover with less calories and fat! Yay Laura!!-
thanks again for your guest post and sharing a healthy, family-friendly
recipe with all of my readers :)

Friday, September 24, 2010


My husband's work schedule can be ALL over the place at times(shift work), however Jacob ALWAYS manages to figure it out and know when Daddy is home!
He will get out of his bed, come and crawl into ours and
THIS is what I find in the morning when I wake up...

My boys with their Daddy brings me joy like NO other.
I know they love their Momma, but it's different with Daddy!!
Daddy is their buddy, their best friend...they laugh and play together, go to Bass Pro Shops, work in the garage, play in the backyard and do, well...GUY STUFF!
I won't wake them up because I want to watch them cuddle like this for HOURS...

Have a great weekend :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a conversation between brothers

Jacob: "Justin, you're getting big. But when you get even bigger, I'll build you a big treehouse...
that way you can watch me play baseball from way up high,
then we'll go to college together-
and Mommy and Daddy will come too!" Ahhhh Momma loves these boys!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

gotta LOVE cake and I'm in the SPOTLIGHT this week!

Um, this kid L-O-V-E-S cake! And I don't keep any sweets in our house, however with grandparents living SO close to us(which we love) its likely that cupcakes, cookies or other non-healthy treats will make their way into our home on occasion!
This would be ONE of those times...

what do ya think? Did he enjoy it? Jacob enjoyed his too,
his mess was ALL over the table for Mommy to clean :)
At least they enjoyed their treat from MeMe!
and in other great news...
**My workout blog, Lets Move It Mommas
is a spotlight blog for Welcome Wednesday this week :)
Yay! I am SO excited!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

RANDOM phone pics!

I had to laugh as I was going through my saved pictures on my all of those times I didn't have my camera and had to use my phone,
YET I was still able to capture some great moments! They are HILARIOUS
and as the post title reads: totally RANDOM :)
new haircut!! I don't randomly take pictures of myself for fun, I promise :)

trying on their Halloween costumes...I guess they like them??!
You can barely see little sidekick, "Robin" over there!

Jacob's first Texas Longhorns football game...Daddy took this one!

I might have to make a habit out of posting these once a month?!
Its fun to look back on all of the fun times we've had without the "regular" camera :)

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
We've pretty much watched football ALL WEEKEND...
Longhorns won, as did the Houston Texans!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Is it Fall yet?

...because the McClellen's are ready to spend A LOT of time OUTDOORS smiling...

...playing some soccer and SO much more :)

Yesterday was the first time it finally felt a little breezy and not 100+ degrees around here,
so it was FALL weather enough for us!
Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


The other day, Mommy was doing her daily routine of picking up around the house,
All of a sudden Justin starts laughing-then I hear Jacob crying... OH NO!
When I came into the living room, I found THIS! "Mommy, Justin knocked over my cheerios and he's eating ALL of them!"
Yep when big brother, Jacob leaves a snack on the table
that he "thinks" Justin can't reach...THINK AGAIN!
Jacob has to understand that ANYTHING he leaves out whether its toys OR food
is fair game for Lil brother these days!!

EVEN if that meant knocking over the entire cup of cheerios onto the floor,
he was getting that snack!!
**and YES I picked them up and did not allow him to graze off of the floor for long,
but you know I had to grab some pics first :)

By the way, I have a super delicious, healthy recipe over on my workout blog
so check it out if you get a chance and have a GREAT weekend!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

another trip to the farm with these FUNNY boys!

We LOVE our weekly trips to Froberg's Farm...we spent most of the summer out there picking strawberries, getting other fresh fruits and veggies, buying YUMMY, homemade turkey jerky
and MUCH more! Little man FINALLY was able to sit in the cart, we usually bring him in the stroller
but Mommy had to face the fact that he's a big boy now :)
Jacob tasting a green bean...then spitting the raw bean into my hand!!!

I never allow my boys to eat candy on a daily basis, HOWEVER there are exceptions to the rule like this trip, they were both well-behaved, helped us pick our fruits and veggies, so I figured I might as well let him pick a "fun, unhealthy" treat! So, he chose "sour belts" which are like sour patch kids but bigger and obviously, extremely sour from these pics below...check this out!
We opened the package in the car and this was his reaction-THIS BOY IS HILARIOUS!!!

"I'm afraid to try it...are you sure its good?"

" ewwwww YUCK!"

" ...but I can't stop licking it, Mommy!"

"whew...they are pretty good, I think I'll have another!!!"
Thanks to my boys and my husband for yet another FUN trip to the farm!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

it never gets old...

... watching my husband and my sons hanging out together...and their Pop too!
That's why I've been lazy with blog posts this weekend, my husband has been off ALL weekend(that never happens) and we've been hanging out watching football!!
LOTS of football and a little Jersey Shore too :)

Hope you had a great weekend too!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

our FIRST homework assignment...

from the look of that TOTALLY cheesy smile he has, you'd think he was a big boy, that he walked right into preschool, sat down with his friends and played, RIGHT?
WRONG....Sooooo WRONG!

Allow me to explain...
We have MELTDOWNS each time we go through the dropping off routine.
Let me make this clear-NO OTHER CHILDREN cry in his class! None!
But my tough, little man seems to flip out when its time for Mommy to leave each morning
-he wraps his little hands around my thigh(in a death grip!)
and will not let go until one of his teachers(they are WONDERFUL!) gets him off of me!
Oh yes, this is HIGHLY entertaining for the other parents, I am sure of it.
Here's the thing, he says he L-O-V-E-S school, so I'm not worried about it,
I think he is just very shy(total opposite of ME) until he gets to know you.
But once this boy warms up-WATCH OUT! he's hilarious, he'll make you laugh til your sides hurt, but I just want him to break out of this shell! He will go stay at my cousins' or friends' homes for HOURS without even thinking of me,
but put him in a new setting and its all over :(

Ok, so the homework assignment was to put a picture in the "sun" and describe what we did as a family this summer! So, we chose T-Ball! We loved going out as a family to watch Jacob practice and then play a game every week. The game would end, we'd head over to the park(located by the baseball fields), then grab a bite to eat as a family and head home!
We even added baseball stickers to really jazz it up :)
He was proud of his work and it will be hanging in his classroom for all to see!

Guess this is why we've signed up for another T-BALL season! Yep, that's right!
Hopefully instead of digging in the dirt, this season he'll wanna "play ball"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

my very first, guest post and WINNER!!

I am SO honored to have been asked by Big Mama to do a guest post regarding my weight-loss and exercise successes and struggles throughout my life. I want to help motivate and encourage others to do the same! If you haven't checked out my exercise blog, Let's Move It Momma's, then please do and tell me what you think! I created this "other" blog to help all of us Momma's out there, get out and get moving! As mothers, we struggle to find the "ME" time and with that comes letting our health take the back seat. I want to make sure ALL women feel that exercise and being healthy is important and I want this blog to be a support system for ALL of us, no matter what our fitness level may be! I hope you'll check it out and
check out my VERY FIRST, GUEST POST TOO!!!
You can find it HERE
and thanks again, Big Mama!
I will be following you on your weight-loss journey
every step of the way!!
**and now for the Lady of Society TuTu Giveaway WINNER...
I want to thank all of you that entered and if you didn't win, head over to
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I ordered the black and white zebra and can't wait to give it as a Christmas gift :)
The lucky comment # 9,
Congrats Danielle, I am emailing you NOW!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ready for the GAME!

Pop called a few days ago asking Jacob if he'd like to go see the Texas Longhorns play some football...this kid L-O-V-E-S football and the Longhorns, so of course he said YES!!!
In honor of his first Longhorn football game,
we decided to dress up in our jerseys and have some FUN!!
(Pop secretly wants both of his grandsons going to college there,
and as you can tell, Jacob is already a FAN!)
these two will crack each other up for hours...HILARIOUS!!!
Jacob was trying to teach Justin how to do, "Hook 'Em"
Justin was totally sick of getting his picture taken and Jacob was teasing him...
this goes on in our house OFTEN :)

Hook 'Em Horns!!!

Justin played dress up for the camera, but he is still too little for a big game like that
BUT maybe next time :)
The game is tomorrow and it'll be Daddy, Pop, Jacob and Adeline...
THREE generations of McClellen's!
What a neat time for them-I'm sure it'll be a time Jacob will NEVER forget!
I am insisting that Daddy bring the camera to capture some of those moments!!
*Now I know all of my "Aggie" friends out there are not too happy that these boys are growing up as Longhorn fans, but you gotta admit they do look cute in burnt orange??!!
**School Update: Jacob LOVED his day at school on Thursday! MUCH better drop off! Yay! No tears, he hugged and kissed me bye, went over to his new friends and that was it!
...happy as can be :) When we picked him up that day he said,
"I think I LOVE my new school"! and that makes Mommy and Daddy VERY happy!
So thanks to all my blogger friends out there that helped with your words of encouragement for that rough, first day...whew, glad its over!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lady of Society Tutus...a giveaway!

I am SO excited to be hosting a giveaway for a good friend of mine
and her BRAND, NEW ETSY shop,
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I think this black and white one is TOO cute...don't you??

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Can these be any cuter?

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On this day last year...and an award too!

This was THE first picture I took to set as my profile picture on this day last year...
crazy how fast time flies!
(Yay, that means I'm coming up on my one year bloggin' anniversary!)

In this pic,
Jacob: 2 1/2 years old
Justin: only 3 months old
These boys are my life! They make me smile 1,000 times a day
(sometimes make me frown that much too!!)
My heart breaks when they are hurting,
My life is totally fulfilled when they are happy!

I have met SO many awesome bloggers out there and,
have learned SO many things from other Mommies out there along the way :)
And I'm so happy to say I've also won another award...
as you can see at the top of my post
I'm suppose to accept this award by thanking Mandy(thank YOU!!) and by using 5 words to sum up my blogging experience and/or philosophy, so here we go...
and now I'm passing on to FIVE other blogger friends:
and just so you know, tomorrow is another day at school...
we're hoping for a better drop off than Tuesday :(
Be thinking of me at 9:30am tomorrow morning-PLEASE!!!
He said he LOVED school on Tuesday, met lots of friends and played soccer, he was so excited, we'll see if that carries over to tomorrow's school day!