Thursday, May 31, 2012

soakin' up the sun

We went to my mom's house for a swim the other day and 
one things for sure, these boys LOVE the water!

Jake's little brother and cousin Kenley were counting it down and watching him dive in!  
Thankfully, he's confident swimming on his own...He took swim lessons and HATED it, so at the end of summer last year, I taught him all by myself and I am proud to say, he can swim like a champ!  Go Momma!

Sweet kids!
And this picture makes me laugh because when Jake gets tired of swimming around at my mom's
(since it's above ground and no stairs), he puts on a puddle jumper...he looks HILARIOUS!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

more things!

Last week was a busy week for us...
starting with the end of year party at our friend's house for the Penguin class...this was the best shot that I had from my phone, obviously they were having too much fun to stop for pictures!  

 the cute cupcakes with graduation hats that I ordered from my cousin...they were a HUGE hit!

and just a funny before and after pic...
I've been alternating my spin bike with my running, to give my workouts something new and the best place to spin is on my back porch, so that means fighting 95 degree heat!
Here's the before while I'm sitting in the nice A/C!

and my camera phone doesn't even do it justice...I am DRENCHED and it's dripping off of my face!  I hope you weren't eating while you read that...sorry!  But hey, you do what ya gotta do right?
I've admitted this on my other blog, BUT I sweat like a's totally gross and not something I'm proud of but it does mean I'm sweating out those toxins, so bring it on!!!  LOL

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Next Step: Kindergarten...

On the last day of school his class had a talent show and it was SO cute!  There were lots of bands, a few singers and a tumbling group!  HILARIOUS...

Jake's band (can't believe he actually did this!! he's usually SO shy) performed to "Moves like Jagger" LOL

...and it just so happened that Jake was teachers helper on the last day, so he was able to hold both the American and Texas flag as his class said the Pledge.

and this was as we arrived at Graduation....oh my goodness, Jake and his buddies are TOO cute!!
They've grown SO much this year!!!

As we all took our seats, they had this slideshow scrolling and when asked what they wanted to be when
they grow up,

 ...and who is his HERO,

Pop and Justin watching the performance!

 there's the star of the show!  He did SUCH a great job and Mommy had tears in her eyes the ENTIRE time!

"Jesus, you're my SUPERHERO"

Accepting his diploma from preschool...Ah, Mommy tried to keep it together!!

What an emotional night that ended with him choosing a Mexican restaurant for dinner with our family!

SO proud of him for not allowing his shyness to get in the way of this incredible performance and graduation ceremony!

Can't believe the next stop is Kindergarten and our littlest man will attend preschool here as well, so we're not saying goodbye to this preschool anytime soon!  It was a great year, he learned SO much and thankfully he'll be in school with A LOT of his class next year at "real" school!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

what we've been up to...

As team mom, I was in charge of the end of year party so we decided on a local pizza place and these were the coach gifts!  
For head coach, Eric we decided on this "baseball" bucket filled with baseball's finest goods PLUS a set of 4 Houston Astros tickets behind home plate!!  

and although this picture is upside down(you get the idea), Eric and our assistant coaches received a framed picture of the Knights 2012 team, complete with a fingerprint baseball from each player!

Our weekend was spent hanging out at my in-law's's already so hot around here, swimming is about the only outdoor activity we can stand!  LOL!  And little man swam all day, spent the night with DeDe and Pop, so this was how he ended up mid-day on Sunday!
If you look close, you'll notice Cheetos all around his mouth...he passed out WHILE eating them!!!

Mommy got a new do!  I chopped all that long hair off for the summer!  It feels much better and it's easier to fix now that the dead ends are gone!  woohoo!  It's the inverted bob do, so shorter in the back...I'll share better pics soon!

...and no weekend is complete without a little Redneck slip n sliding!  We love the slip n slide but it's SO much more fun when you add dish soap to the water!!  LOL!  Oh I bet our neighbors just crack up at the things our kiddos do in this backyard!!!  HILARIOUS...

And today was Jake's last day of preschool... :-( excuse me while I wipe the tears....
they had a class talent show, which was SO fun to watch and this was a picture of the kids dancing to

Our little guys rockin' in the band!  See Jake on the guitar??
Tonight is graduation....and although I'll probably be a mess and start sobbing during the ceremony, we're looking forward to what kindergarten brings for Jake!  He's pretty shy but will know A LOT of kids that'll be at his school next year, so we'll see!  He will be attending the school where I last taught P.E, so I've introduced him to pretty much EVERYONE that'll be help make it easier on him, but I have a really funny feeling he won't need them, I will!!!  hahaha, I'll be a sad and pathetic Momma when it comes to the first day of having to drop him off....BUT I'll try and hold it together tonight...

Friday, May 18, 2012

every time!!

While at Disney, these boys did a pretty good job NOT fighting or picking on one another...for a change!  
BUT when we'd stop to pose for a pic, they'd always start sweet and adorable like THIS,

 ...and almost always end like THIS,

Ah, boys will be boys and brothers will be brothers :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

...more Disney!

more Disney fun from the McClellen's!

watching his first Disney show...and loving every minute of it!!

Killamanjaro Safari 

Mickey's Jungle Parade at Animal Kingdom

watching The Lion King show at Animal Kingdom

Circle D Ranch at Fort Wilderness Campgrounds

Stitch gave us hugs at Hollywood Studios

Jake and the Neverland Pirates saying Happy B-Day to Justin

having lunch with Agent Oso and the other Disney Junior characters...

Toy Story float at Hollywood Studios-this was our favorite parade!!!

riding the river taxi to Downtown Disney

HUGE b-day dessert at T-Rex Cafe-Downtown Disney

building a custom McQueen at Ridemakerz-Downtown Disney

...riding the Monorail

Country Bear Jamboree at Magic Kingdom-I remember seeing this show as a child!

Aladdin's Magic Carpets

Cinderella's Castle lit up at night!  I know I'm a grown-up, but that darn castle still makes me smile!!

Epcot-Flower and Garden Festival...just some of the gorgeous scenery!

This month was the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot and the scenery was absolutely gorgeous!  The boys LOVED seeing all of their favorite Disney characters made out of the flowers...

or as Jake said, "look! that bush looks like Pluto!"  LOL!