Wednesday, June 30, 2010

we're on a roll...

because, I just found out that
I FINALLY won a giveaway from one of my favorite blogs, M.O.T.B
AND, the Tigers played yet another awesome game :)
Just sit back and let me give you the play by play....
"Mom, please stop taking my picture! I'm trying to focus...
it's almost my turn to hit!
Mom, seriously....pllleeeeaaaasssseee!"
You'd think he was super focused on BATTING
HOWEVER, he's really totally focused on leaving a line in the dirt with his me, he does it EVERY time he's up to bat :) Ahhhh, Jacob!

And now Jacob and the Coach are working on strategies at home plate
(yea right! they are up there and Jacob is telling the coach, "I just left a trail of dirt with my new bat...and it looks like a snake")

Go Tigers !!!
and Go Mommy for finally winning a giveaway! I wish I had a count on all of the giveaways I've entered throughout the past year(how long I've been blogging!) because it's quite a few...but I am super happy, totally worth the wait, Thanks M.O.T.B

AND let me just tell you how impressed I am with TeeBall! They are understanding the game, not too many meltdowns over not being able to catch the ball EVERY, SINGLE time, they are making "plays" throwing to first to get the runner out, making sure they are getting the ball to home plate(to the coach)'s FUN to watch!
And even when I try not to, I get nervous when he's up to bat-like I'm batting right there with him! I guess it only gets worse from here on out, right?! All I can say is that I'm SUPER proud of my Jacob and it makes me happy to know how much he truly loves going to the ballpark to play and HAVE FUN!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

GIDDY UP! (100th post)

Mommy's 100th post...Yay, Mommy! It looks a lot tougher than you think folks! Riding "Radio Flyer" with no hands?! it's tough...

Look at that determination! Ahhh, I feel the excitement, boys :)

Wait...where's COWBOY JUSTIN?!

There YOU are!!

So, the answer is YES, we get terribly bored on days where it's just too hot and humid for the Mommy thought an indoor rodeo is just what we needed! We were barely able to contain the was a FUN time (I think the hat was the most exciting part!)
...and now we're off to get ready for TeeBall game #3 tonight! GO TIGERS!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

it's Sunday and we're having a "ball"

This ball pit/tunnel is the greatest invention EVER! Doesn't take up a crazy amount of space, but provides HOURS of fun for these wild, full-of-energy boys!!!

We had a great weekend...relaxing and did NOTHING of importance-don't ya love those weekends?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I HEART days like these

Daddy and Jacob took a walk to the lake near our house to do some father/son bonding!
Justin and I took a walk and found them doing this...

Unfortunately they caught NOTHING :(
but better luck next time boys!

and then little man decided he'd start eating with a FORK! Silly boy, now you won't have it any other way...and yes, you make quite a mess but how can I resist that sweet face?!
So, I HEART days like this one...when my boys are enjoying life, being silly and having FUN! Days like these make me want more children,
but it's the "other" days that bring me back to reality :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mommy, look at me!

Well, this MIGHT be considered too much "P90X" and "30 Day Shred" exposure??!
Yep, that's my three year old "working out" right next to us!
If you ask me, he's got pretty good form ;)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

another day at the ballpark!

So, I'd be lying if I said I didn't totally look forward to our days at the ballpark each and every week :) I LOVE IT! I guess because I grew up with memories of playing softball, my husband played baseball for um, his entire life so I have a love for ALL OF IT! and there's little man all decked out in his baseball gear ready to watch big brother PLAY BALL!
Jacob scoring a run...ahhh I can't get enough of watching those little cleats touch home plate :). Oh and why didn't anybody warn me that I'd already be getting the knots in my stomach over a THREE YEAR OLD going up to bat?! Yea, I know it's all for "fun", but I can't help but get nervous for him each time!!

Jacob and his Pop!
He was so excited to see his Pop there to cheer him on for the second week in a row-thanks for coming, Pop, DeDe and MeMe

1...2...3...Gooooo TIGERS!!!
So proud of you Jacob, you are doing such a great job
and Mommy and Daddy LOVE watching you play ball!
Oh and your little brother totally claps for you every time you do something great, he may be small but he sure knows that he LOVES you!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 things I learned yesterday...

Lesson 1:
I cannot assume that Jacob, being only three years old, is able to go into Justin's bedroom to simply, wake him up....because this is what Mommy found when she was finished making her coffee :) "Mommy, Justin is the one that told me to come in here"...Umm, yea right Jake!
Lesson 2:
An unplanned Friday night can be the MOST fun you've ever had!

this is a little park we found not too far from our house, right on the water! The sound of the waves were amazing, it was breezy and cool...perfect place to play after our unplanned dinner at Monument Inn. The restaurant was excellent and the boys were SO well-behaved.
Guess the change of scenery worked?!

Little man's first time in a swing...we have one at home and just haven't set it up yet! He's gonna love it, because he couldn't get enough of it last night!

Jake climbing the monkey bars! SILLY MAN!

Justin cheesin' for the camera! When you pull out the camera(because Mommy takes way too many pics of you), he starts smiling and very softly says, "Cheese" cute!

Jacob and his MeMe...he had to sit by her and only her at the restaurant...little stinker! Oh and we rode the ferry and I took pics but they came out blurry! It was a small ferry, but we had to ride twice because Jacob thought it was the COOLEST thing ever!!
Ha, I think I learned some pretty good lessons yesterday....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nothin' but L-O-V-E!

I wanted to share these pics a long time ago and never got around to it. This was my present to myself for Mother's Day(I made them for my mom and mom-in-law too!) The best part is that both of my boys cooperated for these pics...well, that bottom "E" was toast after the photo shoot in our backyard! Justin tore it up and started to EAT IT right after we took that pic :)


Yep, head on over and see what the fuss is all about??!


They don't take score, but I think the Tigers won :)
Jacob is up to bat and making sure we're all watching...running the bases is definately his favorite part!

Jacob's biggest fans! Mommy and Daddy...we are soooo proud of you, Jacob!
Mommy even has on her Baseball Mom-bling shirt!

look at this cheering section for Jacob, Brody and Parker! WOW, right?! Even little brother, Justin is hanging out in his stroller!

Chillin' in the dug-out! Do they think they're cool, or what?
Jacob, Parker and Brody...look at all those red cheeks!

and after Game #1...
The ONLY meltdowns on the field by the boys had to have been when they would go for the ball when it was hit, and someone else on their team got it.
We're going to have to work on sportsmanship because when Jacob missed the catch, he'd take off his glove and chunk it into the outfield...hilarious! Other than that, great first game boys :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

and we're back in business...

Okay, so I read the troubleshooting(duh!) and figured out my problem...Yay!
We had our first teeball practice today and HE DID GREAT! He loves it and can't wait for his first game tomorrow- Yes, tomorrow :)
Team: Tigers dressed and ready to go!! Mommy was excited too! When I taught P.E., I always thought about the day I could play baseball with my SON, so it was probaby more fun for me than him ;)
taking his place on the field...this kid was PUMPED!
He got a hit, ran all the bases and scored a run-GO JACOB!!

catching his first grounder out on the field with his buddies, Parker and Brody!
Oh and while Mommy was taking pictures, I was DRIPPING with sweat! (and seriously it's gross, but I sweat like a man!) Oh yes, DRIPPING! I think it was over 100 degrees today and at 6pm, it was still blazing hot!!
Tomorrow I am bringing my
Buc-ees cup filled to the top with ICE water :)

and a few days ago we took a trip to Palm Beach with Jenny and Parker and had a BLAST! We have to find ways to keep cool this time of year and what better way than at the beach!

This entire pool is super shallow, so they loved being able to walk and swim around, plus the sand was SO hot, it almost burnt your toes, so staying in the pool was a much better choice!

Not sure what I'm gonna do about Mr. Chocolate TAN man! Ha, he cracks me up with all of his cousins and three shades darker than the rest of 'em! I sure love him though and that's all that matters!
Hope you're having fun in the sun too :)


Ok, so I have been borrowing mom's computer since ours is toast and now all of a sudden, her computer will NOT let me upload photos to blogger??!!! Anyone have any suggestions?! We've got our first teeball practice tonight and you know I'd LOVE to blog about it and probably won't be able to, since it's rejecting my photos! Ughhhhh...hope your Monday is going better than mine....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Girls Night Out (this post is a bit late!)

It started with dinner and a few adult beverages...then a trip to see Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City 2! yay! Not hugely impressed with the sequel, but we laughed and enjoyed our little
Mommy Night Out!
I think we saw the movie two weeks ago, but thanks to my lovely computer issues, it's just getting posted! I wonder if we were the only ones a little disappointed in the movie??!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

FAMILY TRIP!! Pointe West, Galveston 2010

The beach house! look close and you'll see me up there with my boys!
The McClellen's

-are these boys precious, or what?!
I truly believe that Jacob could have stayed at the pool and on the beach FOREVER. He loved every second of it and he especially LOVED being with all of his cousins...
yep, we decided to take a big family trip to Pointe West on the west end of Galveston Island! We only live about 45min. from Galveston, but this place felt like we were So far away! So, there were 10 kids...YEP, 10! and anywhere from 10-15 adults at one time or another on the trip!
It was F-U-N

Jacob working on his muscles out by the pool :)

This float was a gift from some friends (Thx Parker!) and Justin LOVED it! He cruised around the lazy river in this thing for hours...

Daddy and Jake swimming at the beach club pool. Seriously if we could afford it, I'd wanna buy one of these homes/condos out there, it was AMAZING!

Momma and Justin. This sweet, little man LOVES the water!

Cousin Angie and Justin cooling off in the water...look at that little belly!

and here's the crazy kiddos from left to right:

Sophie, Gavin, Bella, Annalise, Brody, Greyson and JAKE!

the beach house hammock was a HUGE hit!

Greyson, Jake and Brody...they are hilarious! These kids had TOO much fun!

After a big Surf n' Turf dinner at the beach house, we took a walk down to the beach and the fun started. We all played chase in the water, found shells, threw the football, and even though the parents weren't in bathing suits, we got SOAKED!

So much fun and we totally think this had to have been the best part of the trip! AND we played 'til the sun went down, it doesn't get any better than that, right?!

Jake's first time having his feet buried in the sand... he didn't like it and just told me to hurry up and take a picture, so I DID!

...those eyes are sooooo gorgeous! He was already in his pj's but he didn't seem to mind hanging out at the beach, watching his brother run around like a crazy man!!

So, the entire family thought this picture was HILARIOUS of all of the "white" kids and my little "dark" boy! Ha! and actually they are ALL italian, but my child looks a few shades darker :)

Jacob looks like such a little, tough guy in this pic...he cracks me up! I don't think this kid was ever out of water for more than a few hours the entire trip!

and there's ME holding the newest addition to our very large, Italian family...Ms. Georgia Meador! Isn't she precious? At some points throughout the trip, I thought to myself..."hmmm, she sure is sweet, maybe I want ONE more? and then I would put her down, reality would set back in and I'd say, "hmmm, maybe not!" Ha!

Such a perfect, family vacation! Our family has always been very close and we've been there for each other through EVERYTHING! Now that we all have children, it was the perfect way to make memories and enjoy ourselves as a big family! I know my kids had a blast hanging out with all of their cousins and we did too!

We Love all of you guys and here's to many more family vacations in the future :)

...sadly, I am still borrowing my mom's computer! I think we are going to just buy a new one, instead of fix the old one, so hopefully that'll happen VERY soon!!! Can't wait to check up on all of the blogs I have missed for the past week....