Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas Eve started off with a run in SHORTS...
yea, gotta love Texas weather around Christmas time, it felt like August :(  

We hosted a Christmas brunch at our house for both sides of our family and since Daddy's schedule had him working Christmas Day...
Shhh, Santa arrived at our house on Christmas EVE morning!
 You aren't seeing double, they both wanted these and sadly, I'm a little disappointed in them...pretty poorly made!  But if you look closely you'll see Justin's new bike in the background, 
he's happy to have a bigger bike like his brother!  I bet these Green Machine's don't last long with these rough and tough boys...argh!  

Boys opening gifts from MeMe, although their big gift from her is the 
Disney Cruise to DisneyWorld in less than 30 days!

They loved the gifts from their PawPaw too (my dad). bb guns, bow and arrows from Bass Pro, walkie talkies, Wii hunting and fishing games, and blow up deer targets!  SPOILED BOYS!

They opening WAY too many presents but all the dirt bike gear was by far his should have seen his face light up!  He was SO happy :)  something so magical about Christmas through your children's eyes!  

and then it was to DeDe's (Brandon's family) and he was BEYOND happy that the dirt bike gear is complete...see those racing boots!  SO happy!  He wanted to fire up the dirt bike at 10pm, just to try them out!

And Molly, she was happy playing in the wrapping paper 
and trying to bite all of the new toys with excitement!  We are taking her to Petco this week to make her a brand new Texans collar!

and our super cool neighbor that lives a few houses down gets into the holiday spirit like NO OTHER!  He has a generator attached to his golf cart playing Christmas music and covered in lights...he was dressed as the Grinch and went around our entire neighborhood taking pictures with all of the kids!  HOW COOL IS HE??

...playing with his toys from Aunt Sheila and Uncle Paul!  My aunt gave Brandon and I a gift card to our favorite restaurant Eddy V's!  I was SO happy because it's beyond delicious and it's almost our anniversary (January 15th) so it'll make a perfect date night :)  YUM !

Gran, the love of my life, and our boys :)  LOVE this picture!
Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year too!  Hope your Christmas was filled with lots of love and laughter, wonderful time with family and that magical touch that makes this time of year so beautiful!

Monday, December 17, 2012

McClellen's weekly silly's!

silly times with Justin's buddy, Hudson!

I think we took 15 pictures until Molly would actually look at the camera and I had a treat in my hand for this one...can ya tell? 

CAMOUFLAGE...can you even see my boys?  

Mommy and Daddy goofing off after the boys have gone to sleep!

and maybe not-so-silly but here's two of my boys!

This post may be silly, however I can't help but squeeze my boys a little tighter knowing what happened in CT.  It's tragic.  It's awful.  There truly are no words.  I cannot imagine such hate in this world.  My thoughts, my all goes to those families who lost someone.  Its a reminder of how precious life truly is and all I can think about are those children...those poor, poor children.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Justin's preschool Christmas Performance!

He's ready to go to school and perform for Mommy, Daddy and MeMe!

He did great for the first, two made me cry because he's growing so fast!  Jake used to stand there, frozen so seeing one of your children singing Christmas songs on stage...ah, melts your heart!

Then it was time for Joy to the World and something happened...he says he got hit and scared BUT I think he knew I wanted him to sing it LOUD and we had practiced so much at home, crying and making that face was his way of getting out of singing :(  Hilarious....

a PROUD Mommy and Daddy!

..and one, PROUD MeMe too!

so we celebrated with a BBQ lunch...Mmm!

and after all of his hard work and dedication yesterday, today called for snuggling with Mommy in our pj's!

Nothing like lounging in your MISMATCHED pj's on a Friday!  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thanks iPhone!

For allowing me to take a look back on 2011 and 2012 through pictures!  Don't get me wrong, I love my Nikon camera, but sometimes my iPhone is there when my big camera is not...
and for those little moments, I am so grateful!  

Disney World Trip 2012 for Justin's 3rd Birthday!

Our first trip 2012, in our new travel trailer!

 2011 when my baby still loved that 'ol binky!  

2011 sandbox fun at our old house!

Christmas 2011

2011 when my handsome boy was Britney and Skylar's ringbearer!

2011 4th of July, looking cool as ever!

2011 Artesian :Lakes trip when my baby fell into the firepit and burned his little fingers :(

Sept. 2011 Ashlyn, one of my best friends, got hitched!

Jan. 2012, hubby and I ran the half marathon on our 7th anniversary!  LOVE this man!

Jan 2012, our last day in our old many memories!

Spring 2012 Little League Baseball season when I was team mom with my man!  He looks so young!

Feb 2012, we bought our golf cart and have probably used it ALMOST every day since!

2011 beach fun!-there are sooo many beach pics and pool pics!  outta control!

Justin's first big catch!

You wouldn't believe how many workout pics I have of myself from 2011 & 2012!  
Ridiculous, but in my defense it's for my Move It Mommas blog!

Recently, my son has found an obsession for all things dirt bikes...his first ride 2012!

After having a "buzz" cut for most of his life, he's growing his hair out!  Handsome man!

And the other day, our littlest man wanted his hair like big brothers...of course!

Thanks to my iPhone, I am able to look back and have SO many memories of those moments where my big camera wasn't there.  These pictures, plus thousands more...yes, there are THOUSANDS from 2011 and 2012 made me smile, tear up (my boys growing too fast!) and reflect on all of the fun experiences we make for our boys and my family.  We try to make each day an adventure and expose them to as much fun things as possible...after all, they're only small for so long.  I love to cherish each and every moment :)

Can't wait to see what 2013 iPhone pics will look like...

What about you?  Are you a obsessive, phone picture-taker like ME??!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lately, we've been...

decorating for Christmas, 

growing out HIS hair, 

having pajama day at preschool, 

climbing LOTS of trees, 

spending lots of time on his dirt bike and had another trip to the motocross park!

and playing after school each day with all of his friends,
We walk to pick him up from school, he drops his backpack and grabs his football...all of his buddies play for about 30 minutes, THEN we head home!  
This was after school the other day, sweaty kiddos on the golf cart