Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why didn't I think of this?!

So, if you haven't heard of Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour...you're missin' out! And to make her blog even better, she's hosting a giveaway that is just TOO cute! Makes me want to have another baby McClellen to use these sweet little decals on all of their little onesies...why didn't I think of this?! Click here to enter, but keep in mind...
I hope I win and not YOU! Ha!

Monday, March 29, 2010


So, Jacob is in SoccerTots (loves it!) and we are considering swim lessons and t-ball for the summer...however, ALL HE WANTS TO DO IS, R-U-N! I love that this boy wants to be healthy and exercise right there with his Momma, but I am starting to think we are looking at a future track and field star!?? Hmmmm
The view Justin and I have of Jacob...hilarious! He's got good form too...don't ya think? He will usually run 3/4 to 1 mile, then poop out and decide to hop in the stroller and at that point, Justin starts cracking up that his little buddy is back to ride along with him! LOVE IT!
Can you see Justin hanging out in that carrier? Yes, my little man is almost a year old and we still sport the carrier in the BOB stroller only because I haven't taken the time to remove the carrier adapter(that's not really what it's called, but whatever!) Poor little man...tight squeeze these days, huh?

But Momma, I'm still HAPPY! Ahh, those eyes...

Some silly pics from the park!

...and to end this perfectly, beautiful day outdoors, Jacob helped his Daddy work in the yard! This kid was DIRTY when it was bath time...whew, he was a smelly, little man all day today. but isn't that the joy of having two boys??!!

Man, he sure does take his little helper job seriously, right?! Look at that face...not sure where he gets the drama?! Hmmm, could it be his Daddy? or Momma?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dancing the WORM?!

...or Justin crawling? Okay, so when my oldest son, Jacob crawled, he looked like an army man ready for battle -hilarious and wish I had it on video :( ,and now Justin looks like he's dancing the worm! OH YES, I'm talking about the 80's dance that I only wish I could bust out at weddings/parties and not embarrass myself...LoL! Take a look for yourself!
I also had to use the remote control as "bait" to film the "worm" so don't think I just leave electronics laying around for my children! Ha!

Oh Justin, your smile, that laugh and giggle, the way you light up when Mommy walks in your room...love it all, little man and I can't believe that you'll be turning one so very soon. Where did the time go? Seems like not-so-long-ago, we were welcoming you into our family. Your big brother adores you and things it's so "cool" that you're able to play in his room with his big boy toys! You love to eat and drink your formula. You're pretty much content with "people food" and any of it! Your favorites are definitely mac and cheese and oatmeal-you could eat it all day! Looking forward to your super FUN 1st birthday, Justin! MOMMY LOVES YOU ALWAYS!!!!! and by the way, I love the way you crawl, SO unique and hilariously precious(is that even a word?!)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3...2...1...BLAST OFF!

Yep, there's Momma, Jacob and Justin all ready for take off
at Space Center Houston-so fun!
This "Space Place" is totally the coolest
thing EVER! Kept them busy for hours

Jacob and Luke! They had a blast and these boys have been buddies since they were about 8 months old! Not that you couldn't tell they're buddies just by looking at the picture of them after taking a trip on the space slide! They have grown up SO fast and they act like such big boys these days...sad, but true!

Checking out the space suit up in the shuttle! Super fun, nevermind the fact that this held their interest for 5 SECONDS! They both said, "Okay Marissa, let's keep going!" Yes, my kid called me by my first name...don't judge me!!?

Momm'a sweet boy was an absolute angel the whole time! Sadly, this is the only pic I was able to capture of this little man cruisin' in space!
He is quite the traveler...he'll go anywhere, as long as there's formula and mum mum crackers!

Jacob in the cockpit of the shuttle!
Something pathetic: we have lived in this area for YEARS and have not been here since I was in school and had a field trip...ahhh how time flies!

Jacob and Luke on the phone with mission control! Obviously thinking they are too cool for words...look at those grins!
They crack each other up all the time, so funny to sit back and watch what they'll say next

SO thankful that I am able to do these things with my boys! They grow up so fast and sometimes I feel that time is limited before they are all grown up and wanting to be with their friends, rather than their parents! Jacob is three years old and Justin will be ONE year old on May 11th, so there are no words to describe how happy it makes me to be with these boys each day as they learn new things and have some FUN with their Momma! Thanks for a great day boys! I love being your mommy and have been blessed beyond words...

Jacob was able to talk me into a small souvenir to remember the fun day...oh, and a year membership too! Guess we'll be making a trip again very soon! I think I basically paid for the four-story fun house, because that's what they L-O-V-E-D! Thanks for a fun day, can't wait to do it again!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


...well, not really but who cares?! I am TOTALLY pumped that one of my most favorite blogs has featured some of MY heart-healthy recipes! wooooohhoooooooo, do you feel the excitement??!! I love this blog because it's total motivation on those days when I just don't feel like working out-I admit, I'm a cardio junkie! You will be too, so go check 'em out!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

In Honor Of...

My grandmother, Josephine Arnona. The St. Joseph Altar took place today at our local Catholic Church. Most of you know I am sicilian, thanks to my grandparents, and the Altar is a tradition for Sicilian Catholics that is held each year. My grandmother worked on this altar for years, making it special each and every year. Then our family would come and help celebrate this beautiful tradition with her. Now we are blessed to be able to carry her legacy through us and this year the altar was dedicated to her...so very special to my family.
The Altar is three tiers, representing the Holy Trinity. The people of Sicily prayed to St. Joseph, their patron saint, to end death and starvation during the Middle Ages. Breads, cakes and cookies are baked in Christian shapes and each piece represents something very sacred to the Sicilian Catholics.

The generations of hard workers that make this possible each year...and ME, the future generation! Yay!!! Why am I always the tallest woman in a group? Ughh

My mother and I and if you notice my grandmother's picture is right between us with a beautiful tribute to her and her hard work. Thank you, Dixie.

Jacob and his MeMe...he liked eating the spaghetti and all of the italian cookies! Yum.

What a beautiful couple! Me and my loving husband...whew, I love this man!

My sweet BOYS!

Jacob and cousin, Aaron.
Love you Bonka, I felt you there today at the Altar. Hope that we made you proud. I promise to carry this tradition on in honor of YOU. Thank you for being so much more than a grandmother to me and so many others. Love you always. You are missed so very much.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Sure was fun at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo today!
Momma's two boys! and would you look at those tractor tires?!! I love you two more than you'll ever know and I had SO much fun being with you both and watching you discover some cool things today!

Momma and her little man!

Jacob had to test drive a Chevy Camaro! He probably would have taken off if his feet could reach those pedals?!
(Momma wants this car to joy ride on the weekends!) Hint! Hint!

MeMe and her little man too!

watching the chicks hatch...so sweet!

Jacob was a farmer for a day! Whew, it was some hard work. he even had to plant some tomatoes...not for "real" but it sure was fun to watch him take this sooo seriously!

Our lil' farmer pickin' some corn!

Um yea, we also test drove the Rainbow Playsets! Sure was fun!
Thanks MeMe for a fun day at the Livestock Show and Rodeo! Too bad we didn't have the energy to make it through Black Eyed Peas..maybe next time?!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yep, we'd pretty much spend our entire day outside if the weather would stay like THIS!
I love these boys more than life itself!!! Both such different personalities and it is SO fun to watch them interact each day! Justin thinks the world of his big bro and I love that. I always wanted a sibling to share things with, so I am so happy that they have their lives to share with one another.
Love you Jacob and Justin, here's to many more OuTsIdE play days!
Happy St. Patty's Day too!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My very first GIVEAWAY!

A mini-initial plaque created by ME!
These photos are my larger plaques, but the mini's are just as FUN! Perfect for a child's room or a fun, empty place on your wall...
They measure 7" by 7", painted in your color choice, personalized initial and background is yours to choose as well, and comes complete with ribbon to hang, back of plaque is painted too!! The mini's sell for $12.00, but to one of my lucky followers, it's yours FREE!
To Enter:
-then leave a comment telling me you follow,or if you already follow, let me know!
2. Blog about my giveaway, then comment with a link to your post!

Giveaway closes at 6pmC on Sunday, March 21st! GOOD LUCK!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's that time again!

Spring Break is HERE! woooohooooo!!!So to kick SPRING BREAK off right, we were invited to my uncle's beach house they rented for the week, it was a beautiful day and we sure did have FUN! A little cold, but Jacob didn't seem to mind as you can see!
Look at my kid with his pants pulled up like they're underwear! Freakin' out that he might get his pants wet. Now, little did he know that 2 min. after we took this picture, he would fall straight in the water and get soaked...LOL! Seriously, soaked!

Look at those little feet splashing in that water, he was so happy!
Justin didn't get any photos taken, but that little boy was in the sand, barefoot, lovin' the sand between his toes!

Mommy and Jacob waiting on the porch swing for Uncle Paul to bring the boat around for us to hop on for a ride! This was Jacob's 1st ever boat ride and he LOVED it! He thought it was hilarious that he kept bumping up and down-it was a bit windy! And we actually saw a dolphin in the Gulf Of Mexico!! WOW! And Daddy caught an Eel...ewww gross! It looked like the ugliest snake you've ever seen...trust me, not something I wanna see again.

Justin started crawling too- pictures to come VERY soon

Thursday, March 11, 2010


...til we get to see these guys in concert!
Black Eyed Peas, Baby!
Now if only I can look like Fergie by Thursday? Hm, yea right!
I am 30 years old, yet totally L-O-V-E me some Black Eyed Peas, and this would be why my three year old runs through the house saying, "boom boom pow" over and over, and shouts "mazal tov" as he dances around the living room!
So, the countdown is ON! 1 week from today!
Hoping Fergie will keep her outfit and moves, PG rated for the concert, and if not we'll be occupying Jacob with popcorn and other goodies!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

haircut anyone??

...not for this boy! Allow me to explain! My son has NEVER enjoyed haircuts...anybody else deal with that? We were forced to stop taking him to barbershops back when he turned 1 1/2 due to his all-out FEAR(I'm talking extreme!) of haircuts. Not sure how it all began, but I will say that at one point, we were at SportClips and I really can't go into details about the embarrassment we faced that day! Sad, I know. He literally foams at the mouth, goes into what I like to consider the "crazies" until it's O-V-E-R. So, what is my solution?? We have opened a barbershop right here in the McClellen house! Ha! It starts off okay, until you turn on the clippers...
Here would be where the "crazies" comes into play...

Now, look at this dramatic face(not sure where he gets this from??!, maybe his mother?)It's O-V-E-R and back to calmness we go! Yay! Another haircut accomplished! I must say it's a little better, no foaming at the mouth this time, just lots of spitting from the hair getting into his mouth! If you ask him why he dislikes haircuts SO much, his answer will be, "the hair itches, the clippers are loud and I don't wanna have one ever again!"...and I promise we do not hurt our child in any way during this procedure and we stop when it gets WAY outta control, but why do I feel like the only one that deals with this haircutting issue?? HEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!
P.S. This would also be why Jacob has had a "buzz" haircut for as long as we can remember...this is the best Mommy can do! Any suggestions?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jogging Stroller = NAP TIME!!!

Not sure about your children, but our precious Jacob stopped taking naps when he turned 2(he's 3 1/2!!) and the ONLY way he'll take naps are on car rides or in the jogging stroller, so even though today wasn't the prettiest of days outside, I took the boys for a stroller ride and this was the result! GO MOMMA!!! Got in some exercise and accomplished the impossible-getting Jacob to nap! Yay! Is that a sweet boy or what? Zzzzzzz!!!
and although he crashed in the stroller as well, he got home and decided it was play time in his crib! Mommy is okay with that, my sweet boy, you take naps like a charm!! I am loving this little peek-a-boo game you play every time I come in your room to check on you! LOVE IT!

and randomly...another one of my creations! Can you tell I am loving making these adorable domino necklaces?! This one is for my mother-in-law, her grand kids call her, DeDe and she has four grand babies and I have listed them in order from oldest to youngest...came out super cute! wish you could see a better picture, but I don't have one of those "SUPER DUPER fantastic, Mommy cameras", so this is the best I can do! Sorry!