Friday, September 20, 2013

Growing fast!

My big man ready for baseball practice when we realized he was wearing a UT shirt with his Aggies baseball hat! Whoops!! Guess he has a long time before he's gotta make college decisions but at least he's not choosing favorites YET! Ha!!
 That day before school I noticed how my big boy is growing so fast...
He picks out his clothes, insists on his Nike Elite socks and wants to be TOO independent :( but I know he still loves giving me hugs(behind closed doors!) and loves a good snuggle every now and then! 

And this little man...he just keeps us laughing! Acts like he's 12 years old and Mr. Cool with everything he does! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Thanks to Aunt Liz we were able to experience the game AGAIN! And being the first home game against Tennessee, Reliant was CRAZY!!!!!

Lots of pre-game FUN

Are these guys intimidating or what??
Oh there's my man ;) 

Sooooooo much fun! The boys are still running around acting like Watt & Cushing! Loving it ;) 
The highlight for me, although the game was AMAZING and I've almost lost my voice, had to be dancing in my seat to VANILLA ICE at halftime!!!!! "Too cold Too cold"....."word to ya motha"!!!!! 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

summertime blues...already?

We soaked up what's left of summer temps last weekend!!! 

And Justin is loving preschool again this year!!! With a lot of his buddies from last year, so he's happy!
pic from Chapel time last week!

I LOVE being at home with this boy during the day! He's hysterical, full of life and will keep you laughing! 

He was SO proud of his hunting outfit so he decided to pose and show off that hilarious personality!

We decided to do the not-greatest-parents idea & meet some friends at Twin Peaks! Where the waitresses wear little clothing eeekk! I know! BUT I had fun with my man and our friends so shhhh it's okay!

And the BEER?! Well I have been really watching my foods and that also means little to no adult beverages SO I hadn't had any alcohol in over a month and decided to go above & beyond and drink THREE of those in the pic plus more back at our friends...
With little carbs in the system, I acted a FOOL! Dancing, singing, and then ending up in the grass! Uh yes....

Guess I won't be drinking for a long while!! Too many college flashbacks! Lol! Hey, we all make mistakes right?! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rainy weekend BLUES

Jake's baseball game was cancelled due to rain :( bummer because he was ready to PLAY BALL! 
Hot & humid run while the boys rode bikes!!! Whew, ready for cooler temps!!!
 Cuddling with my lil man...
And of course being silly too!!!

...a little shopping for workout gear, while acting like fools with the mannequins! 


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Busy Busy BUT having fun!

A SWIM-tastic Labor Day with family at my moms! So much little cousin Bailey swam too ;)

 Randomly this guy grabs his boots, slips them on and he's an official Cowboy! KEEPS US ENTERTAINING!!! 
Then Justin had his First Day of Preschool...Mommy was emotional but not him! He was ready to go this year...

And VERY excited to say that I was featured as the FitFluential Ambassador Transformation story, 
Glad to see that I'm reaching people through my story and struggles with weight,

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Busy FUN

Had to snap a pic of my man mid-week of first grade-week 1. He looks SO grown up to me!!! Ahhhh my baby :( 

And then crazy little man had meet the teacher for his last year of preschool! He is ready for school this year, last year at this time he was clinging to me and wouldn't let go :( 

POOL PARTY FUN for a friends bday was so much fun! It was melt-your-skin hot but the kids had a blast! 

These silly boys!!!!! 

Then baseball practice after the bday, you'd think they'd be tired but NOPE! Jake and his teammate, Scott! They had an awesome practice and it was 100+ degrees out there! Yikes! 

Then it was dinner and hanging out with friends! Geez, writing out our busy day makes me tired!

Photo bomb by the waitress!!!! Funny! 

This girl can hang with the boys like no other! Cuteness!