Sunday, October 30, 2011

Go Texans!!

Are ya ready for some football?

The TEXANS won, 24-14
Jake had been to one Texans game, but it was Justin's first one and he LOVED it. I think he was more into the game than most of the fans! He kept standing up, yelling "GO TEXANS", clapping and dancing to the music! It was so cute. Jacob just kept asking questions about the game and wanted cotton candy! Ha!

On our way into the game, we stopped off at MeMe's friend, Johnnie's tailgating area and it was awesome...pulled pork sandwiches, yummy adult beverages and that's where these boys scored a bag of Frito's! Ha!

A HUGE thank you to Aunt Liz, Uncle Moe and Taylor for these AWESOME tickets and for a great time that these boys will never forget! As we were leaving, Jacob said "But wait, I thought we were watching more games?" Oh and I think these two, little Texans fans might have been the cutest ones there? I'm just sayin...

Friday, October 28, 2011

pumpkin carving...and a look back!

I LOVE looking at pictures, especially comparing how much these sweet boys have changed through these past few, wonderful years... I remember this like it was yesterday. My sweet little man dumped his bag of candy and started eating through the wrappers...he was SO excited!

and a picture from the same pumpkin patch that we still visit...

He looks SO young! Look at that baby face :) We play catch with that football EVERY day!

and sweet boy on his first Halloween, two years ago.

And now for our pumpkin carving last night...

Jake liked pulling out all the "junk" from the inside!

Justin reached in ONCE, threw the seeds out and said, "This is gross"! Ha!

We are ready for Trick Or Treating in our house! The boys won't stop talking about it and we're excited to watch them both in action this year! We never order pizza but I'm thinking we might have to for this occasion because I saw that they are doing pumpkin-shaped pizzas for Halloween night! Fun, right?

I thought a night full of junk food along with the candy is a great way to celebrate Halloween...especially since my poor child (Jake) asked me last night, as he grabbed a Snickers snack size bar from the bowl, "What is this, Mom?" "Does it taste like one of those Ring Pop things?"!!! I guess I let my healthy habits take control in our house, huh? Ha!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Festival FUN!

If you're visiting from Welcome Wednesday...thanks for stopping by! Hope you'll enjoy sharing the memories of day to day life with my family! *And I'm hosting a giveaway for Breast Cancer Awareness Month on my healthy living blog HERE...hope you'll stop by and join the fight against breast cancer and win a pair of cool New Balance sunglasses!

My son's preschool, fall festival was today! I volunteered to help out and I did the obstacle course with him and his friends! SO FUN! And I actually did face painting! Yikes. I know! But I actually did a pretty good job on the pumpkins, ghosts and spiders...but I sure needed some work on the other creations! Ha! some of those poor children had hallween colored blobs on their arms and faces, but hey-I tried my best :) My sweet man working on his fall bag, stamping leaves...

and his class! Ah, most of them were in the same class last year, so it's crazy to see how much they've grown in just one school year. They are all so cute and they all get along great! The boys kept going through the obstacle course and I had SO much fun encouraging them and cheering them on as they raced through the course! A very fun day spent with my son, his friends and some great parents! Well, except for the thousands of mosquitos and the 90 degree heat in OCTOBER?? What's up with that? We are ready for some cooler fall temps...hello??!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm gonna knock you out!

Do these guys look tough, or what??
We had their buddy, Blake's 3rd birthday party yesterday! It was a Halloween costume party, so it gave the boys an excuse to dress up! The "black eye" only lasted about an hour, and the costumes didn't last much longer...but it was pretty hot outside! Blake's momma decorated pumpkin buckets for all of the kids and that way the kids had a bucket for all of their pinata candy! Great idea, huh? I know my Everlast boxer and superhero, Ironman had a great time!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

some fun stuff!

We have a really cool preschool class this year and I thought it would be fun to set up a park day after school! LOTS of the kiddos and their parents showed up and we had a great time visiting! And of course the kids had a blast playing for hours... and LOTS of boys in our class this year...11 boys and only 6 girls! They were taking a break from playing football!

and at Jacob's preschool there's a really neat pumpkin patch, so the other day while we were waiting for school to let out, we took little man so he could pick out his very own, baby pumpkin!

and here's just a few totally random pictures of our sweet, little man hanging out with us while big brother is at school...

I think he likes the one on one attention he's getting, but he sure misses Jacob too!

and look at this cowboy? I told ya he likes to wear this hat EVERYWHERE!

Hope you're enjoying the fall weather where you are, too :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

this is TOO soon!

We went to Devlin's birthday party this past weekend(she's precious and Jacob has been in class with her for two years now!). It was at the Aquarium Restaurant at the Kemah Boardwalk! The kids played, watched the sharks, eels and stingray's as they ate and then enjoyed these HUGE ice cream sandwiches... But the part that was most shocking....

Jake's little friend, Leslie asked to hold his hand and BAM! Look at them!

He kept looking at me, making sure I wasn't laughing or drawing attention to the fact that he was holding her hand. It was hilarious. But scary...TOO SOON, right? Oh geez, I'm really in for it huh? They were so cute.

He helped her buckle her seat belt, they rode the ferry boat together and then sat by each other and ordered the same food and dessert at lunch! HA! HILARIOUS!!!

He was acting like a tough guy in front of his friend, Evan but when it was just Leslie, he was all gentleman! O.M.G!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Froberg's Pumpkin Room!

It may not be a real pumpkin "patch" but it sure was a fun trip!

Tarah and I decided to take the boys to Froberg Farm for some pumpkin fun last week after school! It was a great trip, except for Justin throwing the small pumpkins like baseballs! Whoops!

As you can see, no pics of the four boys together but this last one of our little "popcorn and snow cone" are pretty cute!!!

We are SO ready for some cooler weather and looks like we're getting it in just a few more days! WOOHOO!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Everybody Cut...

FOOTLOOSE let's understand that the original cannot be topped! Who doesn't remember the scene where Ariel and Ren come running into the dance?! CLASSIC 80's MEMORIES!

So, in honor of the re-make, we decided a girls night would be a PERFECT way to re-live our childhood memories of such a great movie!

if you look closely, you'll see two of our group, sporting the "Dance your A*# off" tee that Ariel wears in the courtroom!!! AWESOME!!!

What a fun girls night out! And although it can't touch the original movie, it was still pretty darn good and lots of fun! Oh and Willard is my favorite character in both original and the re-make...SO CUTE!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Let's add to the list if HILARIOUS things that my boys say!

This one is priceless and we think it's hilarious that he wants to wear his "HeeHaw" all day, every day!

I think he makes a pretty darn cute cowboy, what do you think?

He'll wonder around the house asking each one of us, "where is my HeeHaw?" "have you seen my HeeHaw" and when he finds it, he puts it right on his head and won't take it off until bedtime! If that's not a true cowboy, I'm not sure what is! Ha!

Monday, October 10, 2011

a weekend with cousins...

Since Brandon's sister and family moved to Austin, we hadn't been able to see or visit with them until this past weekend!

We were able to spend a lot of time together and Brandon's parents and aunt hosted a weekend sleepover with all four grandkids! I think they all had a great time together, despite the rain messing with our pumpkin patch plans...
DeDe wanted all four of the kids to match, so please excuse our homemade t-shirts!

As you can see, I'm not a professional photographer and getting all kids to smile at the same time, didn't exactly all!

As the rain clouds parted, we attempted a trip to the church bazaar to snap some pics of all four kiddos, but as soon as we started POURING!! We weren't too upset, because we've sure needed the rain, but it did mean no pumpkin patch for us :-(

So, we headed back to the house for some silly time with family! We cooked, laughed and had a great time visiting with the girls before they had to leave. I know DeDe, Pop and Aunt Paulette were SO happy to have all of their grandkids together, again! And we were happy to spend a weekend with the girls as well! Even if that meant our son spending both nights away! Ha, he sure had fun eating junk food and being spoiled rotten with the rest of them!!

I think all four kids' diet included ALL of the following:

NO nutritional foods

Oreo's...Halloween and regular!


cake balls

pizza...lots of pizza!

sugar cookies

ice cream

milk...lots of milk!

...and anything else their little hearts desired!

I told the boys this was ok, as long as they understood...