Sunday, February 7, 2010


So, we had ourselves a little SuperBowl family party this afternoon and we are happy to say, "WHO DAT"-GO SAINTS! They did it! And yes, we're from Houston and not New Orleans, LA... however, we have plenty of family that live there and this win felt like our win too, so there! Our little family photo...please check out Jacob's Saints hard hat...hilarious! This boy wore this thing most of the game! If you look close, you'll see his brother, Justin cracking up!
Love this family of FOUR!
a little brother photo...oh how sweet! as soon as I took this picture, jacob took off from behind justin and he went plop! poor Justin, his brother isn't into brotherly love just yet! It'll come...right?

VICTORY!!! GO SAINTS...can you tell we are celebrating? There's that hard hat again!

And sweet boy tried to stay up for the whole game, but just couldn't make it...he was out by 7:30! But he's still showing his team spirit!

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