Tuesday, August 2, 2011

TBall...looking back!

Here's Season 4, TBall picture! I think it turned out pretty darn cute :) They handed them out tonight after their last game!!! I was happy because we have professional pictures from Season 1 and 4, the first and last! Yes, I already framed it! I'm a proud Momma!

Hard to believe that tonight was Jacob's last night of TBall.

After FOUR seasons, he's improved SO much! Let's break it down, shall we?

Season 1: lots of digging in the dirt, sitting in the dugout and dragging his bat all over the field. Clearly, could care less about baseball but we were there every game, cheering him on!
He was SO proud of that first trophy! He said "we get trophies all the time for playing games in the dirt?"

Season 2: more digging in the dirt, but this time...he would look up occasionally and attempt fielding! He's starting to LOVE batting and running the bases! WOOHOO!! Here's trophy #2!

Season 3: Loves to bat and run bases! Getting a little more aggressive when it comes to playing ball and starting to really like his teammates! He loves practicing at home and hits the ball over the fence every time! He caught his first fly ball this season AND hit the ball into the outfield! Go Jacob!

Season 4: Now he's got the hang of the game! Loves hitting, sliding, running, and thinks practice is more fun than the games! He asks to practice at home. He thinks he's so cool when the ball goes flying over our fence! He's hitting the ball WITHOUT the tee and loving every minute of it. He's still not a fan of fielding...says its boring! I can't say I don't agree...I always loved hitting! Plus, at their age fielding isn't the most exciting when each batter has to take a few swings but that's ok because we're taking fall off and then it's Little League time!!!!

I can really see how much he's grown up in this past year as I'm creating this post! This summer season makes a full year of TBall, playing for the Tigers with most of his original teammates! Pretty cool! I was at almost every game, wearing my "Baseball Mom" shirts and cheering him on! Our parents tried to come as much as possible throughout the seasons to see him play. He displays his trophies in his room and looks at them every day!

Sadly, I had to miss his final game tonight because baby brother is sick and wanting his Momma!


We are SO proud of you and all that you've accomplished in one, short year! Here's to many more baseball seasons and hopefully you'll enjoy this sport as much as Daddy and I do!

We love you so much and for one, last time...



Clayton Thomas said...

Sounds like your son is picking up the game well. Here's to many wonderful seasons ahead!

All the best,


cooperl788 said...

So cute to see Jacob through the years, and to see how happy he looks in tee-ball! You should keep a scrapbook for him; it sounds like a sport he's going to continue with for a long time :)

Jamie Kubeczka said...

Ah, super cute! That would make me sad too!

Unknown said...

How incredibly cute. Love his dimples. He is a nautral.

Annette said...

Congratulations to Jacob on his trophies and his accomplishments--it sounds like your persistence and motivation taught him how to enjoy the game and love practicing to get better and better each time! Such cute pictures--definitely fun to see the pics throughout the years!

Lisa said...

Oh how precious! We are looking into getting the girls in a team sport like softball or soccer! he's come a long way! Way to go!